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How-to Guides » Cut your food bills

As food prices continue to rise, here's some handy ways to keep your food bills under control.

Plan ahead

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Plan a weekly menu

Sit down and work out exactly what you're going to cook for the next week so that you know what ingredients you will need.

Write a shopping list

Write up a shopping list based around your weekly menu and when you get to the supermarket, stick to it - don't be tempted to impulse buy and end up with a cupboard full of food you don't need.

Shop when you're full!

Never shop on an empty stomach - you'll be far more tempted to buy things you don't need if you do.

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  • hopefultom
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    hopefultom said

    When you walk in the store, remember the golden rule

    " The supermarket is NOT your friend "

    Everything in store is done to make you spend ( waste ? ) more money, not to help you in any way.

    Look out for mistakes with pricing; they can work in your favour, if you are quick witted and sometimes prepared to stand your ground.

    Talk to some of the staff. My wife & I went to buy a vacuum cleaner last week, in our local Tesco Extra and managed to get a £40 reduction on an excellent Bissell model, thanks to the help and advice of one of the staff on that department.

    Make sure you take advantage of the " boost " scheme, if you are a Tesco Clubcard member.

    We also got a 50% reduction on a painting that we bought at a Dunelm store because an old price sticker had been left on the shelf, and we insisted that the store honour it.

    I know I have strayed from the theme of cutting your food bills, but the principle still applies " keep your wits about you "

    Report on 15 November 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 love
  • coloratura
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    coloratura said

    How many of us have time to "shop around" - we are too busy working to pay the food bill in the first place and also extra travel can mean the cost of extra petrol, car wear and tear etc. That's why people tend to shop in supermarkets. .

    Report on 18 December 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 love

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