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Service upgrade today

by Lovemoney Staff charlie on 11 December 2012  |  Comments 8 comments

We are updating MoneyTrack

Service upgrade today

We are releasing some new features of the MoneyTrack service today, as a result you will be unable to login to your accouint this morning.

An update will be posted to this blog when the work is complete.

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Comments (8)

  • souldeep
    Love rating 9
    souldeep said


    I understand Track is a free application - and therefore we can't expect the same sort of SLA agreements as we'd get if we paid for the service however;

    It's been 48 hours since the new app was launched. In this time I have written forum bug reports and sent an email to I have heard nothing back. Others have been submitting bug reports as well. Seeing as you have just forced your customers, with no warning, to use a totally new interface didn't you anticipate you may be receiving just a few emails related to the app and therefore find it prudent to provide a bit of up front customer support for the first few days?

    I have only received one lovemoney email regarding this – and it’s all aimed at new customers – it’s advertising. Nothing has been provided with any substance or guidelines for existing customers.

    Could someone please provide some support for your existing customer base?

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  • emma
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    emma said

    Hello , just a quick note to say we are answering all questions over on this post. So please post any track questions there.



    Publishing Director


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