Free pizza from Domino's for Lovemoney readers

Rebecca Rutt
by Lovemoney Staff Rebecca Rutt on 28 January 2013  |  Comments 12 comments

What better way to get through the month than with a free lunch.

Free pizza from Domino's for Lovemoney readers

January is nearly over and payday is almost here so to celebrate getting through such a dreary and depressing month, we’re rewarding readers with a free lunch.

It’s been weeks since our December pay day and after making it through Blue Monday, we think a freebie is in order.

So thanks to our friends at TopCashback, we’ve managed to exclusively secure you the first chance to grab a free £15.99 pizza from Dominos.

The deal

You can get your hands on a large-sized Domino’s pizza and there are four flavours to choose from; Veg-a-Roma, Texas BBQ, Tandoori Hot or Chicken Feast.

But before you start clearing away your packed lunch, there are a few steps to complete before you can enjoy your free pizza.

First, the deal is only available to members of the cashback site, so you need to visit TopCashback and become a member by registering your email address for free.

Next, log onto the website and visit the special "Domino’s Pizza" page where you’ll find a 50% discount code which sends the price of your £15.99 pizza down to £7.99.

Once you have the code you can click through to the Domino’s website, and pick the pizza you want along with your chosen delivery time. This can be any time that suits you during opening hours – so not just lunch time.

This is the slight catch in the deal. As it’s a cashback website, the pizza isn’t immediately free, but within 48 hours of receiving the pizza, Topcashback will credit your account – making the meal a freebie.

On the checkout page, enter the 50% code which will bring the cost of the pizza down to £7.99. This deal was originally set at £7.99 for cashback, but after the discovery that Domino's has a minimum spend of £9.99 for free delivery, TopCashback upped the cashback level to £9.99 and any members who ordered their pizza before this changed will get the full £9.99 credited to their account.

Because of this change you now need to make sure you're spending this amount to avoid paying any extra. The best way to do this is by adding on a smaller item, such as some of the pizza dips to top it up. If you're going for this option you'll still get your money back and TopCashback will credit your account with £9.99.

TopCashback tells us there are thousands of pizzas on offer, and although it wouldn’t specify an exact amount, it expects the deal to last until Tuesday which is sign that there are quite a few to go around.

Terms and conditions

The main terms and conditions of the deal are that it’s available “while stocks last”, you can’t use it with any other offer and it’s only available at participating UK branches. Where you live in the country could also affect the price you pay, with those in London looking at slightly higher prices, so check this before you confirm your payment.

One free pizza is allowed for each Topcashback member, so if you get your whole team at work to sign up, you could be in for an office full of free pizzas, and the full terms and conditions can be found on the website.

Is it worth it?

Cashback websites work by giving you a discount on any items bought through a tracked link on the site. This means the cashback isn’t instant and generally takes around one month to come back to you.

They won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but if used effectively you can save hundreds off the cost of your normal shopping.

However, this deal is different because you’ll get the money back in 48 hours so you’re not out of pocket for very long. You’re also getting a large pizza effectively for free just for registering on the website.

As you now have to make a minimum spend of £9.99 it means you're not just getting the pizza but something else as well - but because the cashback offer will be £9.99 you're still not having to pay for the stuff you order (up to this amount).

It’s a great deal as it requires minimum effort and the timing is perfect because many of us still have three days until pay day.

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Comments (12)

  • Simon Ward
    Love rating 9
    Simon Ward said

    Glad to hear someone other than myself benefitted from this!

    Report on 29 January 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • livefc
    Love rating 0
    livefc said

    Hi Lovemoney. Tried this yesterday with family and it worked well 2 out of 3 did!

    Unfortunately my sister tried and currently she is having the same problem. Although I think it might be because she used an ipad (mobile device). I never really use any mobile devices for any tracking as it can break the links quite easily.

    Report on 30 January 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 loves

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