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The problem with the broadband support is that they follow a script. I used to work in IT support (not for a major company so i didn't have a script). I know how to solve a problem, and in particular, how to listen to a customer. I always try to get them to break from their scripts by explaining "i've done x, y, z". What do they say next "could you please do x, y, z."! It drives me potty.

The problem is that i know more about the underlying problem than they do. I even mentioned about a SIP problem i was having (broadband phone to most people) and they had never heard of it! They were the ones supplying me with the SIP line! I still haven't got that problem sorted (phone cuts out every 15 mins). When the people on the other end of the line haven't heard of what you are talking about, how do you expect them to understand what the problem is?

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