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who is now responsible for Goldfish loans.

I took a loan out with them for 3 years which is due to end in the coming months. I would like to pay this off however cannot find information on who to contact.


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I think you will find that Goldfish admin is still in the same place in Glasgow.

many thanks

I was surprised by this as Goldfish was part of Liverpool Victoria (based in Bournemouth) and I thought they had got rid of all the Goldfish business some time ago. I had a LV credit card that was being administerd by Frizzell Bank (same company as LV) but then was being looked after by Goldfish and is now evolved into a Barclaycard. Can't see anything specific online about Goldfish being in Glasgow but Mike is right about lots of things and is probably right about this too. On the off chance he is wrong for once and you are completely stuck you may want to enquire with Barclays. (but try in a branch first as their credit card service lines are absolute garbage and it's possible the lines for loans could be as bad)

On the other hand - if you stop making payments someone is sure to contact you very promptly saving you lots of time and energy. Wouldn't recommend this of course if you want to keep your credit rating sweet.

I have looked back and find that, although everything was initially sent out from Glasgow, recent contact details appear to be from barclaycard addresses. The Barclaycard Personal Loan phone line is 0800 903903.