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Which savings account to use?

i'm am currently 15 and is looking for an account where i can put my birthday, christmas and any other money i want to save up into. I also want unlimited access to it so that when i'm out with friends i can go into the bank and take money out of it. I would like an account where it doesnt require parental knowledge of it as my parents like to use me and my money as a personal bank account borrowing money off me. I would really like someone to anwer this question as it is needed quite badly, Thanks!


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West brom building society is paying 3.22% with instant access at the present time. Check with price comparison sites for best easy access savings accounts and after opening one, keep checking - rates change quickly so check maybe every month or so. If you have money you can tuck away till u r 18 then a junior isa will be tax free but no access before 18. If you have a ctf you cannot have a jisa. Once u r 18 then you want an easy access cash isa. Price comparison sites - Moneyfacts. MoneySupermarket, Moneysavingexpert.com Another way is to go round your local high street and ask about easy access savings accounts. At 15 you should not have much problem.

Joe's West Brom account requires £10,000 to open which I presume you don't have. You seem to need an ATM card operated account. I would go round your local High Street and ask the banks and building societies. Mike

Thanks Guys, i have gone into Halifax and have arranged an appointment to see someone who will who will arrage an Express Cash account. Thanks for the advice though xx :) http://www.halifax.co.uk/bankaccounts/other-bank-accounts/

Looks like quite a good option, Katie. The interest rate it gives you is pretty low, but it does everything you've asked for :-)