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09 February 2012

My builder gave an all inclusive quote and has now sent me a invoice for extras. Where do I stand?

My builder gave us a quote and promised it was all inclusive with no hidden extras. He has gone but not finished the work to our satisfaction and last week we emailed him a request for a refund for the kitchen which is poor quality and very badly fitted and needs ripping out and starting again. Yesterday, he emailed us with an invoice for extras and wants an extra £8000 within the next 7 days. No quotes were given or agreed to for any extras. The only quote I asked him for was the laying of a wooden floor which I had purchased to which he stated that he would do this free as he was over running the job and he had misled me with the price of the kitchen (THE LAYING OF THE FLOOR IS ALSO BADLY DONE). He has now gone back on this and wants £2200 for this plus other extras which I don't even know what half of them are. I have the original quote which he hasn't even completed. Where do I stand with this as I know that this is a scare tactic in responce to our request for a refund of the kitchen as our plan was to go through small claims court. This man has left builders rubble, he has taken some of our possesssions from the garage and hasn't returned them as requested and he has broke several of the childrens toys which were in the garage and garden so I feel that he is actually getting off lightly with a request for a refund. Any advice would be welcome because this man has intimidated us for long enough and we would like an end to it. Additionally, we have paid the majority in cash and I also wrote a cheque to his builders merchants who had put him on stop, this was whilst I was at home with the kids and 3 builders over me telling me he had to have that cheque- a little menacingly.

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