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07 July 2011

Paypal Problem

Hi, I am hoping somebody can help me as Paypal are absolutely useless. I sold a breast pump to a buyer in Italy. He didn't want to pay for international signed-for but I insisted and he eventually agreed. I sent him a link to the Royal Mail website so that he could see for himself the details and the cost. Some two months later he has opened a dispute with Paypal saying that the item has not been received. It should have been there within five days. He is asking for the tracking number but I can't find the receipt anywhere, I have every receipt except that one - sods law. I can't believe he didn't contact me before now. Paypal have put my account into debit by nearly £60.00. What can I do? Am I going to have to swallow this cost and refund him? I feel a bit suspicious about the whole thing. Further, I initially had some difficulty extracting payment from him and he didn't answer my e-mails. I just feel that I am not only going to lose my very expensive breast pump but my money too! Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.

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