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Does anyone think they've been mis-sold a packaged or premium account?

A TV production company is looking for premium/packaged account holders who believe that the product was mis-sold to them. The production company is making a consumer and current affairs programme for the BBC and is keen to hear customers' experiences of these fee-paying accounts. Do you have insurance that did not pay out? Do you have unnecessary added extras? Or do you benefit from the extras provided in such accounts? If you're willing to speak to the programme makers, please contact me at lovemoney in the first instance. Either reply on the bottom of this question or my email address is Ed 'at' lovemoney.com. Regards, Ed Bowsher


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Look for any customers who's understanding of English may be difficult, or may be unfamiliar with the UK banking system. Also older customers. Seriously, I worked in Bournemouth for a bank a few years ago and saw bank staff particularly target those people who were non UK nationals to reach sales targets, or those who may not be familiar with modern methods of banking. That is why I left. Suggest you place adverts non English publications particularly Polish and former 'bloc' countries.

I believe that my mother has been mis sold a premium bank account. She has been paying £25.00 per month for the last 5 years or so. I have contacted the bank and their reply was that she signed for it. She is 72 years old now and doesn't know what she signed for at the time. I would appreciate some feedback from you. Regards Kath Davis

@kathd Hi Kath, It is becoming increasingly more obvious that banks are trying the 'fob off' technique on their customers and hiding behind paperwork. Just because your mother signed the documents doesnt mean she wasnt missold. I am the Managing Director of Consumer Action, a claims management company dealing with cases just like your mothers, and it is upsetting to hear stories such as your own where your mother has been a loyal customer of the bank for 5 years only to find out she has potentially been misled by them. These 'premium' accounts are sold on the basis that they offer a world of wonderful benefits at a fraction of the price of purchasing them individually, however what you are not told is that these benefits are often not as good as if bought seperately. Case in point - a client of mine has a 'premier' account that offers travel insurance. This client has had this account with the bank for years but has never been able to take advantage of the travel insurance due to a pre existing medical condition. Due to this he has had to buy a seperate travel insurance policy each year costing in the region of £300+ who with? Yes, the same bank. If you wish to know more about the misselling of current accounts please visit our website www.consumer-action.co.uk and have a look around. Please also feel free to contact us if you wish to take the matter further. I hope you find this helpful and that the matter gets resolved to your satisfaction soon Regards Ian Black

I now believe I was mis-sold a Lloyds TSB silver account which I was told would give me card protection abroad. After the extremely unpleasant experience of losing my debit and credit cards in the Philippines I wanted to make sure that I would be able to get the cards replaced if the same thing happened again, since the only thing that Lloyds TSB would do in that situation was to make a one off payment through western union. This put me in the very dangerous situation of having to carry around a large amount of cash in a poor country in which there are a great many desperate people, some of whom wouldn't think twice about taking it from me. Two years ago when I decided to go back to the Philippines I called Lloyds TSB to ask them if there was any way I could get my card replaced if I lost it in the Philippines and they told me that If I switched to a silver account I would benefit from Sentinel card protection and if I lost my card a new card would be sent out to me. I spent approximately 6 months there and was lucky enough not to lose any of my cards and I spent another 6 months there the following year, again switching to a silver account to supposedly "benefit" from Sentinel card protection. This morning I called Lloyds TSB to ask about switching over to a silver account to get card protection as I am going to the Philippines again. I gave the salesman my reasons for wanting to go over to the silver account and he informed me that Lloyds TSB do not send cards out if they are lost abroad, they only make a cash advance to help with any difficulties. I have been paying for a silver account that didn't give me the protection that I was assured that it did and I think I should be entitled to a refund.

Hi Mr Swank or can I call you Lloyd? ;-) It sounds as if you would have a good case for this, but without speaking to you directly I am unsure. If you are concerned and want to see if there is anything we can do for you then please have a look at this page on our website and if you wish to, email us or give us a ring to see if it is something you wish to take further. http://www.consumer-action.co.uk/mis-sold-current-accounts/ Regards Ian