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03 April 2011

Getting a name taken off of a joint mortgage after a divorce?

I left my husband after irretrievable breakdown in June 2009, divorced (decree nisi) in September 2010. We have put in a change of parties application to our mortgage company which they refused - they won't accept his parents on the mortgage because they are too old I think they basically said - we have appealed, and re-appealed. The house is 150 miles away from myself and our children, and we live with my parents, my ex-husband rents it out and lives with his parents, and pays off the shortfall between the rent and the mortgage payment. We were in arrears when my children and I left (he had lost his job for the third time, and I had had enough) but since then he has pulled it out of arrears, and it has been kept up to date. I am a single parent, working a small part time job, and so wouldn't be any use if they 'chased' me for any money. I've told them this several times over. Does anyone have any ideas on what more I can do? It's a bit of a bind, as I'm not able to consider a mortgage with a new partner. My divorce solicitor told me there was no legal way of getting my name off of the mortgage, the company cannot be forced to do it. Oh, and there is negative equity in the property and so selling it is not an option. (Don't ask, I'm not telling on this one, because I don't need telling how stupid it is!!!) :) :) They do say you learn by mistakes, don't they.... Thanks

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