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To save on oil is it better to turn off radiators in rooms that are not in constant use?


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Not if the temperature drops so much that things freeze up. Loss of oil through a leak more expensive to repair than maintaining a reasonable level of warmth.

I don't understand your answer. I have the heating on and all the radiators on except for three rooms downstairs, the lounge, the dining room and the down stairs bathroom. What I want to know is - am I saving oil by not turning on the radiators in these rooms as I am not going to be in them.

It is very cold at the moment. If there is no heat at all and rooms freeze, then pipes burst. When they burst they pour oil, water, gas etc all over the place. This is expensive to clear up and repair. It is cheaper to keep a moderate amount of heat in all rooms to avoid this happening.

I haven't a clue, but according to this poster (who seems to know what they're on about), yes: [url=http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=148757]http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=148757[/url]

Insulation is the most cost effective thing that you can do. The industry standard for loft insulation is 250mm now, so add an extra layer. Fill your cavity walls for more insulation. That should pay back quite quickly. Turning off radiators will save heating cost, but d?on't overdo the turning off. Make sure that none of your pipes freeze. ???  ?I?n????v?e?s?t? ?i?n? ??T?h?e?r?m?o?s?t?a?t?i?c? ??R?a?d?i?a?t?o?r? ??V?a?l?v??e???s???.?? ? ??T?h?e?n? ?y?o?u? ?c?a?n? ?s?e?t? ?d?i?f?f?e?r?e?n?t? ?t?e?m?p?e?r???a?t?????u?r?e?s? ?f?o?r? ?e?a?c?h? ?r?o?o?m?. Mi??ke

Thanks to everyone who has resplied I am going to keep all my radiators on while it is freezing outside. I have the thermostatic radiator valies and the insulation so I think the best thing while the weather is so extreme is to keep all on, probably low in the rooms I am not using fully. 

Most rads have a frost or low setting on them, that is a good place to start. On rooms with 2 or more outside walls you may want to be careful if the radiator is on an outside wall. Simple space foil should make sure the majority of the heat stays in the room. Turning down rooms you do not use often can save money but as said by JoeEasedale don't overdo it. Don't let the room drop below 10C though as you start getting condensation and musty rooms, not nice.