I like to think outside the box. This illusive box is only a brake applied to ones ability and understanding. I have no brakes and as such a very open mind that will not pre judge any idea or concept. my comments are supportable using proof, common sense and a realistic view of problem solving. I have worked for various large financial corporations ranging from Insurance,Marketing, consumer and commercial finance and have over a decade of experience of working and running succesfull Government agencies. I have worked for one of the biggest housing providers in the UK and am familiar with RSL's and social housing aswell as the construction industry. I am very familiar on the way to consult, create a need, identify that need, get people to jump up and down about that need and finally utilise facilities to satisfy that need.I have implemented a whole new method of consulting for various large firms and have a proven, successful track record based upon hardwork and planning. I am not big headed but sometimes my sense approach doesn't get understood by those with common sense until they look back at what I have said....usually ten years down the road. My favourite subjects are history and it's implications on the future with everything else between. Finally I can talk for England on virtually every subject.

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