When we are most likely to make a car or home insurance claim

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New research pinpoints the days of the year when your car is most likely to be stolen, your house burgled or your laptop accidentally damaged.

When is your home most likely to go up in flames? When are your kids most likely to damage your laptop?

Non-one knows for sure, but Aviva has an idea.

The UK's largest insurance company has looked at 10 years’ worth of its extensive claims data from around the country dating back to 2004 to produce an almanac of key days when our homes and cars are most at risk throughout the year.

Here’s the month-by-month breakdown of when you need to take special care.


Aviva gets the highest number of claims for water damage at the begining of the year as freezing temperatures lead to burst pipes in the home.

Home insurance policies cover burst pipes as standard and some home insurers have a 24-hour home emergency helpline, which can assist you night or day should this happen to you.

If you are away when temperatures are likely to plummet you can avoid damage to your pipes by leaving the central heating on for a few hours a day.

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Valentine’s Day is one of the worst days of the year for car theft and house burglaries as thieves take advantage of couples enjoying a romantic evening out.

Car theft claims shoot up by 12% and burglary claims typically rise by 9% compared to an average day. Taking special care at this time of the year can prevent your home or car falling victim to opportunist thieves.

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[SPOTLIGHT]Cars again become the target in March when motor thefts rise by 14% on Mothering Sunday.

Keeping your vehicle locked, removing valuables and using an alarm can deter potential thieves.

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Easter Sunday brings trouble, with a 7% increase in accidental claims compared to any average Sunday.

Most home insurance policies won’t give you the full works when it comes to cover for accidental damage. If you think you wouldn’t be able to afford any mishaps yourself, it’s worth boosting your protection.  

The good news in April is that household fires drop by 17% as the weather starts to improve and people head out for Easter lunch rather than cooking at home.

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The May Day Bank Holiday sees a 10% increase in accidental damage claims, as people spend more time at home. Spilt drinks and damaged IT equipment commonly make up the claims at this time of year.

But as houses are occupied with families enjoying the break, burglaries drop by 14%.

However, the Bank Holiday brings more bikers onto British roads which leads to 35% more motor bike accidents compared to a normal day.


Father’s Day is another annual celebration that sees an increased risk to your home. Accidental damage was found to shoot up by 11% as dads get to grips with their new gadgets.

But there’s a 23% drop in fire claims as families head out to celebrate.

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Major sporting events in July bring a sharp increase in broken window claims, up 20% in this period.

7th July is the worst day of the year for burglaries, up 12% on average, as the warm weather means more doors and windows are likely to be left open.

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As the long school summer break draws to an end, the August Bank Holiday sees an increase in accidents in the home - up 10% - as kids get up to mischief before they have to go back to school.

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Thankfully the start of a new school term brings a 6% drop in accidental damage. Phew!


But as the evenings turn darker, burglaries begin to flare up again. Household thefts rise by 5% in the week the clocks go back, while Halloween sees malicious damage rise by a whopping 160%.

And car accidents rise by an average of 30% in the week British Winter Time begins as roads get icier and driving conditions less favourable.


Bonfire Night is the worst day of the year for burglary and car theft.

Household break-ins rise 22% and car thefts go up 20% as families head out to enjoy the displays.

Predictably, Bonfire Night is also one of the worst days of the year for fire claims – up 60%.


But it’s Christmas Day that sees the most dramatic increase in household fire claims. According to Aviva’s figures claims typically go up by 120% compared to any other day during the year.

But you’re least likely to be burgled on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as even thieves take the time off. The festive period also brings the five safest days for your motor, between Christmas Day and December 29th.

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