The top job perks we all want

From free food to flexible hours, these are the perks we most want from a company.

What makes a company great to work for?

The amount they pay us is obviously one of the most important factors, but firms that offer a range of perks on top of that not only makes us happier but also benefits the company itself.

After all, it's worth keeping us motivated so we don't move on the first time another job offer pops up.

So what do we want? According to the recruitment experts at The Finance People, these are the most sought after perks in no particular order – bosses take note!

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Free food

Not having to sort pack lunches or shell out for extortionate meals on our lunch break is a big bonus.

There are all sorts of different ways companies can offer free food, from putting on cereal or fruit for breakfast to a regular supply of snacks to keep you going through the day.

It doesn’t even have to be a daily thing – the research shows even a team lunch every couple of weeks makes people feel more valued.

Health insurance

Health insurance is not exactly cheap, so it's no surprise it's one of our top priorities.

Aside from the obvious saving, it shows that the company is willing to take care of both your physical and mental health.

And it's a two-way street: businesses can ensure that staff are in tip-top condition and less likely to have prolonged periods off sick.

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Flexible hours

The days of the nine-to-five are simply not an option for most of us these days, with other commitments – such as getting the kids to school – getting in the way of the traditional working day.

As such, employers that offer us the chance to enjoy flexible hours, starting and finishing either a couple of hours earlier or later than the standard working hours, will always be more appealing.

From the company's side, a good work/life balance is another way to ensure their staff are happy and motivated.

Employees value flexible working hours (image: Shutterstock)Casual dress code

Nobody really wants to spend their days in suit and tie, or some form of company branded clothing.

Some jobs obviously require a certain attire and we get that, but there's no question that we value jobs where we have a little more freedom over what we're expected to wear while at work.

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Making Fridays special

Even if you like your job, making it to Friday and the end of the working week is a big relief for many, with thoughts starting to turn towards the weekend.

Some businesses are only too aware that their staff’s concentration may be starting to wane and close up early on a Friday or have the last hour or two as dedicated socialising time with your colleagues.

Employers should make Fridays special (image: Shutterstock)

Discounts at local retailers

Many of us are keen to get out of the building and go for a walk - and perhaps a bit of a shop – on our lunch break. This is another opportunity for employers to give their staff a boost, by approaching local stores to see if they will provide staff with discounts.

This could range from the local coffee shop to hairdressers and beauty salons giving staff members some money off.

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Some companies look to bring in an office pet, or even invite us to bring our own pets to work on occasions.

This obviously won’t always be a good idea – if some people members have allergies, it can, in fact, cause serious problems.

But as long as everyone’s on board, the option to meet a colleague’s cute dog could give everyone a boost.

Pets are particularly popular (image: Shutterstock)

Team-building activities

There are all sorts of events and experiences employers can put on that not only help us get to know our colleagues better but also serves to boost the company’s attractiveness to potential new hires as it tells us a company knows how to have fun.

The sky really is the limit here, from a simple trip to the pub as a group to a night out at a concert or even learning to cook as team.

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Fitness aids/gym memberships

How many steps do you take every day? Not that long ago such a question would have prompted complete bafflement, but many of us are taking a much keener interest in our health and activity levels these days.

As a result, employees are more likely to see if a potential employer offers any support on reaching their physical fitness goals.

Free or discounted gym membership is a popular option, but even something really simple like pedometers for staff, and a team competition to see how manages the most steps, are also attractive options.

A games room

Nobody can work all out for a full working day – we all need to take a little break now and again.

Companies that make those breaks a little more exciting by providing some form of entertainment for workers, whether that’s something simple like a ping pong table or a games console system make them a little more appealing.

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