5 modern careers soaring in popularity

5 modern careers soaring in popularity

A look at the innovative professions that are changing the way we can earn money.

Rob Griffin

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Rob Griffin
Updated on 20 November 2018

We are living in a fascinating new working world: we can now make money in jobs that didn't even exist a few years ago.

Gone are the days when apprenticeships in traditional industries were the only options for anyone emerging from full-time education. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and industries are in a constant state of flux, leading to dramatic changes in work opportunities.

Today there are exciting roles in social media, digital marketing and computer game development waiting to be explored. The good news is that it’s not just school leavers that have such opportunities. Anyone of any age can take advantage of developments to bag themselves a trendy job.

Flexible working

The employment market is constantly changing, according to Sarah Archer, founder of Career Tree.

“Ten years ago, some of today’s jobs, particularly in technology and social media, didn’t exist,” she says. “If you’re focused you can take advantage of these changes and the internet also helps you become an expert on different subjects much faster.”

Archer suggests the 20-40 age group seems particularly keen to have a better work-life balance. “They don’t want to get stuck in the trap of working very long hours and not having a life outside of work,’ she adds.

Over the last few years, she has worked with many clients that are becoming social media managers, podcasters and bloggers - many of whom are drawn by working flexibly.

“The jobs market is changing all the time with areas such as computer game developing and YouTube becoming popular,” she says. “These areas are also very accessible which makes them very exciting.”

Here are some of the most popular jobs to have emerged over the last few years.

YouTube star

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It’s been 13 years since YouTube arrived in 2005, but it has produced an extraordinary number of millionaires in its time. The biggest stars post daily reviews, gameplay videos and funny sketches to huge audiences around the world.

All you really need is some great ideas, a way of filming them, and a YouTube account to start raking in the advertising cash.

Visit the creator's section of YouTube for more information.

Fitness coach

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Health and fitness is a boom area. Our increasing sedentary lives has fueled a need for enthusiastic instructors to get us all back in shape. Needless to say, being physically fit and properly qualified are prerequisites to being involved in this fast-moving industry.

Starting salaries are around the £13,000 mark and can rise to around £20,000 with experience. Freelance instructors can earn £20-an-hour – or set up on their own businesses.

Visit the National Register of Personal Trainers for more information.

Fundraiser / Shutterstock

There are thousands of good causes that desperately need cash – and this has meant an increase in the number of fundraisers required.

The personality to encourage people to dig deep and support your charity is an essential quality but the work can obviously be very rewarding.

The types of roles – as well as the salaries on offer – will vary, particularly as many charities are small. However, as a general guide, full-time positions pay upwards of £20,000-a-year.

Visit the Institute of Fundraising for more information.


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How do you fancy putting your artistic talents on display on film? If you’re creative, imaginative and have great drawing skills then this could be an option. You could find your work is wanted by film and television companies, as well as websites and computer games.

Annual salaries at the bottom end are modest at around £14,000 but the more experienced can expect to receive around £40,000.

Visit Creative Skillset for more information.

Stunt performer

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If you’re at least 18-years-old – and boast excellent physical fitness – then you might find what you’re looking for performing stunts. Key skills required include agility and strength, driving cars, riding motorcycles, martial arts training, and even trampolining.

Stunt performers are usually paid per job, as opposed to being on a full-time salary, but often get the chance to travel the world.

Visit The British Stunt Register for more information.

If you need further inspiration, then log on to sites such as the National Careers Service.

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