Ryanair considers tightening baggage rules

Some holidaymakers are getting around Ryanair’s luggage fees by turning their toddlers into sherpas to make use of their free allowance.

Many parents are making the most of their toddler’s baggage allowance to avoid paying Ryanair’s luggage fees, the budget airline has claimed.

High charges mean fewer people than ever before are checking bags into the hold.

Instead, they are taking more into the cabin to use their free hand luggage allowance.

But Ryanair is now considering changing its cabin baggage rules to stop parents using their children’s allowance to avoid paying to put bags in the hold.

Ryanair’s chief financial officer, Neil Sorahan, claimed parents were taking liberties with the amount of cabin baggage their children were carrying.

He continued: “I’ve seen two-year-olds wheeling a bag up to the plane as people try to take advantage,” he said.

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Ryanair ‘too nice’?

Fees for luggage can be higher than the cost of a seat, with prices of up to £90 extra to take a 20kg suitcase on a return short-haul flight.

However, children, like adults, are allowed to bring a 10kg suitcase and a second small bag for free.

“We’re very generous with our cabin baggage allowance,” claimed Sorahan.

“A 10kg case and a second small carry-on. If everyone does that there’s no issue. It’s the people coming with the kitchen sink that could change the policy.”

While he claimed “the vast majority” of people played by the rules, he added: “Some bring massive backpacks and things that don’t fit under the seat.

“We’ve been a bit lax or nice – we are victims of our own niceness.”

How to keep luggage costs down

If you are travelling on a budget airline this summer and want to keep your luggage costs down here are some tips.

1. Send luggage ahead

If you can pack early you could send a luggage ahead of your holiday using a courier company for far less than the amount charged by airlines.

For example, Sendmybag.com will collect a 20kg suitcase from your door and deliver it to Spain for £62 return. Ryanair would charge you £75 to transport a 20kg bag in the hold on return flights to Spain.

2. Put a bag in your car seat

If you are travelling with children most airlines allow you to put a car seat in the hold for free. You can usually fit a small bag in the seat then just zip up the cover over the seat and you’ve got yourself a free bit of additional luggage.

3. Book ahead

If you have to take a bag in the hold book it in advance, and make sure your bag meets the size and weight requirements on the day.

Turn up at the airport with a bag for the hold that you haven’t booked, or a bag that is too heavy or large and you’ll be hit with massive charges far above what you would have paid if you booked in advance.

Finally, if you are about to head abroad, why not have a read of the best prepaid cards to avoid rip-off fees while abroad. They could save you hundreds of pounds!

So who do you think is in the wrong? Is it parents for flouting the spirit of the rules, or Ryanair for charging such hefty baggage fees in the first place? Let us know in the comments section below.


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