Apple invoice email scam - how to stay safe

Apple users are being alerted to a new email scam which tricks users into handing over their bank details.

Apple users are being warned of an email scam that attempts to steal their bank details.

The message leads you to believe that someone else has stolen your details and used them to make a purchase. 

The subject line of the email reads “Your invoice” and shows a confirmation of a recent purchase. 

Once you click on the email, it takes you through a series of steps to claim a refund, including a request for your bank details.

Apple invoice email scam

Source: This is Money

The sneaky email looks like it’s from Apple, featuring its logo and font, even a fake copyright symbol. Its wording is also similar to what Apple uses.

Be careful

However official-looking the email is, Apple will never ask for bank details or your three-digit security code by email.

It won’t ask for your mother’s maiden name either.

To check your recent transactions log in to your account via iTunes or go to

Also, take a look at this page on the Apple site, which tells you how to identify legitimate emails from the iTunes store

Finally, check your credit report for any suspicious activity. Get a 30 day free trial with loveMONEY today.

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