Amazon reserving certain new movie and game releases for Prime members

Amazon reserving certain new movie and game releases for Prime members

Non-members aren't able to take advantage of the deals

Anna Jordan

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Anna Jordan
Updated on 26 April 2016

Amazon has started making blockbuster movies and games exclusive to Prime members.

Products including Playstation 4 editions of Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate are unavailable to non-members, although the games are available on other consoles.

Similarly, the Blu-ray edition of Birdman is behind the wall, but not the DVD. At present the move only affects shoppers in the UK and the US.

A spokesman for Amazon said:

"From time to time, Amazon offers Prime members exclusive access or pricing on select items. Examples include 30 minutes early access to select Lightning Deals and a 20% discount on nappy subscriptions, among others".

Do I have to sign up to Prime?

Amazon Prime was originally launched as a way to bag unlimited next day deliveries for a monthly fee. However, it now includes everything from video streaming, free ebooks, online photo storage and more.    

To avoid paying the mega £79 annual fee, buyers can still purchase these products from a third-party seller elsewhere on Amazon. Alternatively you can get around it by signing up to the 30-day free trial and cancelling it before it runs out. Read more at Is Amazon Prime worth £79 a year?

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