Lost holiday items cost us £390 a year

Lost holiday items cost us £390 a year

Smartphones, laptops and tablets most likely to go missing.

Ruth Jackson

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Ruth Jackson
Updated on 1 July 2015

Most of us come home from our holidays with less than we set off with, according to new research by, which revealed a massive 76% of us have lost a valuable item while on a break.

To make matters worse these lost goods are worth as much as £390 per person per year.

As part of the survey people were asked if they lost anything worth more than £50 on their last holiday abroad. A whopping 68% said they had.

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What we lose

Of the people who had lost something the most common item was a smartphone  followed by laptops and tablet computers.

Item Percentage of holidaymakers who have lost one







iPod/MP3 player




On average we lose items worth £390 each year on our holidays. Yet the majority of us don’t have insurance.

Just 32% of people take the trouble to make sure their valuables are covered by their insurance. Many of them admitted they make sure they are insured as they have lost items in the past that weren’t covered.

[SPOTLIGHT]If we lose anything that isn’t insured, the majority of us don’t bother to replace it as we can’t afford to, according to the research.

Before going abroad, check both your home insurance and your travel insurance to see if your valuable items will be covered while you are on holiday.

Once on your travels be sure to keep valuables in zipped pockets or bags that are never out of your sight. In your accommodation use a safe if one is provided or consider taking a travel safe with you.

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