The best Secret Santa gifts: buy pressies for up to £5, £10 and £15!

We've tracked down over 30 Secret Santa presents to suit any budget and just about anyone you know.

The group gift-giving tradition of Secret Santa is a great way to save money at Christmas.

But picking out a suitable present, within a small agreed limit, can be challenging.

So instead of spending hours traipsing around the shops trying to find something, we’ve compiled the ultimate gift list for Secret Santa presents suitable for any budget.

£5 and under

If you’ve agreed on a tiny budget of £5 and under here are a few ideas on what you could go for.

Music lover:

At Prezzybox you can get these drumstick pencils for £4.95.

A classical music buff with a daft sense of humour might like this Chopin Liszt from the Music Gifts Company for a bargain £3.50.

Alternatively, serious guitar fans might enjoy this pack of classic blues guitar licks featuring the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Robert Johnson, for £5 from The Great Gift Company. Each card has information about a song and an artist along with the chord sequence for the lick.


To give your keys a bit of punch, pick up this tiny Lonsdale boxing glove keyring for only 85p from Sports Direct.

Or go for an entertaining table top game like basketballbaseball or pool available for £3 each from Tiger.


If that baker you know is rather regal, get them a Tea with the Queen cookie cutter, only £5 from Suck UK

Have a bit of fun with this chocolate sprout roulette game (£4.97), exclusively from Lakeland.

Open any beer at any party with the split ring bottle opener for £5 from Suck UK.

For the morning after hangover, you can replenish vitamins faster with the Fruit Peeler (£5) from Suck UK.

Style addict:

The PlayStation keyring has retro style in spades. Grab it from Truffle Shuffle for just £4.99.

Keep it simple with a rhinestone ball ditsy necklace, £5 from Topshop.

Lucky Dip:

To save someone from brutal boredom at the family Christmas dinner table, get them this pack of 18 paper aeroplanes for £2.78 from Lakeland. They’ll thank you for it. Their mother-in-law, on the other hand, might not.

Or for a quiet (but amusing) night in, buy them this tongue-shaped bookmark for £5 from Suck UK.

Is your colleague always sitting on their specs? Try a glasses repair kit for £4.97 from Lakeland.

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£10 and under

As the budget increases, so does the quality of gifts.

Music lover:

If your friend fancies fried eggs with a bit of an edge, turn them with this guitar flipper from Lakeland (£8.96).

Or they could play some of their own music at the office. This desktop drum kit is perfect for when you’re feeling a bit restless. It’s only £7.95 from Prezzybox


No mat? No problem. Gaiam All Grip yoga socks are £8 from John Lewis.

Nike black knit gloves are a tenner from JD Sports.

Have a bit of fun at your desk with a foosball pencil eraser (£7.50) from Suck UK.

Thirsty golfers will appreciate this Longridge water bottle and golf tees set from John Lewis (£10).


Plain ice cubes are so last year. Try this Zombie Invasion 3D mould for £7.50 from Suck UK.

Bring a bit of Round Table grandeur to someone’s breakfast time with the Arthur Egg Cup, available for £7.99 from I Want One of Those.

Does someone you know need an ice breaker for their next dinner party? Try the Legless Pirate Corkscrew (£8.95) from Prezzybox. This cork-legged scallywag can open both beer and wine.

Style addict:

Keep them warm and stylish with an elephant print snood (£10) from Accessorize.

This pretty glass mosaic frame is only a tenner from Joy.

Get a gentle dig in with the ‘Old Bag’ tea bag tidy, £6 from Oliver Bonas.

Lucky dip:

Peter and Jane have grown up and are dealing with slightly more adult problems in a range of new books released for Ladybird’s centenary. The Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups are available in hardback for up to £6.99 each from Amazon.

If your friend or colleague’s kids are going through a growth spurt, get them this height chart fridge magnet for £5.67 from Tesco. There’s no cleaning crayon marks off the wall, either. Bonus!

There’s always one puzzle fan in the office. Get them Isaac's 3D Apple Puzzle for £5.99 from The Discovery Store.

If you’re really stuck for a gift idea, head over to Firebox and pick a Secret Santa boxThey’re available for him or her and wrapped in Firebox’s custom wrapping paper. It fits right into your budget as well at only £9.99.

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£15 and under

It's rare to get a budget this high for Secret Santa, but if your friends are feeling particularly flush this year then there are plenty of presents available to splash some cash on.

Music lover:

Get them a beautiful map of the world hand made out of musical notes from artPause on Etsy from £11.99.

Alternatively you could go for this chic sheet music infinity scarf from Whimsy Abode on Etsy for £12.25.

This harmonica necklace is £10.56 from HeatherBerry on Etsy.

A smartphone speaker (£12.99) from IWOOT will allow them to blast their phone tunes wherever they go. Apologies in advance.


If anyone you know is barmy enough to do early morning winter runs, give them this cool Ronhill Pro beanie (£11.99 from Runners Need) to keep them warm.

Know a hobby golfer whose shots are a bit questionable at times? This ‘World’s Okayest Golfer’ mug (£14.75) from Not on the High Street would be perfect for them.

Keep track of those skips with the Nike Speed Rope 2.0 which is £12 from JD Sports.


Get the slices fair on pizza night with this protractor pizza cutter (£12) from Suck UK.

They’ll rock all the way to work with a guitar case lunch box (£14.99) from Music Room. They can put their fruit stickers on it to make it even more rock ‘n’ roll.

Style addict:

The organised will need a 2016 diary. These from Moleskine come in lots of stylish colours and have a weekly page view. You can get one from Waterstones for £13.99.

Life is too short to pair matching socks. Odd socks are available in a range of designs for men and women and are only £12.99 from Totally Funky.

If you know someone who is going on holiday, buy them this swish in-flight kit with eye mask and earplugs for £15 from Oliver Bonas.

Lucky dip:

A book of 1001 Beers (£13.50) from BHS might help your beer connoisseur mate pick a tipple come Boxing Day down the pub.

But if they prefer a cup of tea and a spot of nostalgia, there’s always the Robocup (£12.99) from Firebox.

If they’d prefer something a little more practical, you can get them a Vibe waterproof iPad case for £14.95 from red5.

How to save even more money

When buying your present you’ll also need to factor in postage costs, if buying online, and order the gift so it has enough time to arrive. Check out our roundup of retailers' last order dates for Christmas deliveries to make sure you don’t miss out.

Buying through a cashback website, such as Quidco or TopCashback will save you money, as will doing your spending on a cashback credit card.

Also keep an eye out for vouchers and money-off discounts to help lower the price.

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This article has been updated for 2015

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