The cheapest place to buy the Nintendo 2DS

There is a new Nintendo on the market. Here's where to get it cheapest.

The Nintendo 2DS, the latest model from the 3DS range, is available from 12th October and eager gaming fans are expected to snap copies up quickly.

The retro-looking console is the latest launch from Nintendo. It's advertised as a ‘cheaper’ and more accessible model for a younger audience.

The price at £110 sits at the bottom end of the scale when it comes to 3DS consoles, but prices vary quite a bit among retailers. Here we’ve picked out the shops where you can get it the cheapest.

The improved model

Nintendo’s new model has been described as a more ‘robust’ version of older models and is on sale at most major retailers from the 12th October.

Although it's in the 3DS range, the 2DS isn't 3D and has lost the classic clamshell design. This means the screen is more vulnerable to scratches, encouraging users to buy the matching protective cover.

Gamers can choose from two colour schemes, black and blue or white and red. Nintendo says the console offers ‘family-friendly value’.

The cheapest place to get the new model is Tesco at £99. Littlewoods is one of the most expensive places to buy the new console as the price comes in at £139.



Tesco £99
Amazon £99





Sainsbury's £109.99







Littlewoods £139

Earning cashback on your 2DS

Shopping through a cashback website will knock the price down. This is because they earn money from the retailers listed on their websites and this money is returned to you when you shop through one.

TopCashback and Quidco are the leading two cashback websites and both have several deals on participating retailers.

TopCashback, for example, is paying out 1.05% cashback to existing customers and 7.35% to new customers at Littlewoods and 1.57% for all those shopping through Argos.

Quidco has a similar range of deals. Choosing Woolworths will earn you 2% if you’re an existing customer and 6% if you’re not. With Littlewoods it’s 7% for new customers and 1% for existing and everyone will get 1.5% with Argos.

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How to pay for your new 2DS

If you’re planning on buying the new 2DS but don’t have the cash to pay upfront, a credit card might be the answer. Obviously if you can’t afford the console then you’re better to wait and save up by which time the prices will be lower.

A 0% purchase card is a good option if you want to split the cost of the console instead of paying for it in one lump sum. The Tesco Clubcard Credit Card for Purchases, for example, offers 18 months of 0% interest on anything you buy. Fluid also has a similar Purchase Credit Card which has a 16-month 0% period.

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