John Lewis to offer free two-year guarantees on electrical goods

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The retailer is clearing up confusion on guarantees by creating a minimum standard for all its electrical items.

John Lewis has announced it will offer a minimum two-year guarantee on all its electrical items.

The retailer will be the first on the high street to give customers this extra-long protection against faults and breakdowns on electrical goods – at no extra cost.

John Lewis guarantees

John Lewis already provides generous five-year guarantees on TVs as well as two-year guarantees on computing goods, tablets and domestic appliances.

But under the new deal all of the retailer’s electrical and home technology items will be covered by a two-year minimum guarantee, including games consoles, cameras, audio equipment and small appliances.

John Lewis says the guarantee offer is proof of how much it believes in the quality of products it sells.

Electrical goods normally come with a one-year guarantee as standard. Retailers will often try to sell shoppers an extended warranty, which can be pretty expensive.

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What the guarantee will cover

The minimum two-year guarantee on electrical products will cover an item for faults or breakdown, but not accidents or misuse.

So if you spill a coffee on your laptop you won’t be covered. But if it has a manufacturing defect the guarantee can help.

John Lewis will try to repair the item and if it can’t, replace it with the same or similar model.

You can purchase warranties that cover accidental damage, but these tend to be poor value as you can usually get this type of cover cheaper by including it on a home insurance policy. Read: Why extended warranties can be an expensive mistake for more.

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Clearing up the confusion

Ed Connolly, buying director for John Lewis Electricals and Home Technology said there was a ‘lack of transparency’ on electrical guarantees which left customers confused.

A guarantee is a legally binding promise from a manufacturer or trader to repair, replace or refund goods that do not meet the specifications of the guarantee. These tend to be free and only usually cover manufacturer faults.

A warranty (or extended warranty) provides extra cover above what a standard guarantee offers, for a premium. Levels of cover vary but can include things like accidental damage.

Guarantees and warranties are in addition to the statutory rights you have under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

Under the Sale of Goods Act, products must be of ‘satisfactory quality’, ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘as described’, as well as lasting for a ‘reasonable’ amount of time.

For more, read The Sale of Goods Act: your consumer rights.

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