Yet more petrol and diesel price cuts from UK's supermarkets

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A fresh price battle has kicked off among three major UK supermarkets.

There's a fresh petrol price war among the UK's supermarkets.

Tesco led the way earlier this week when it announced its second price cut in two weeks. On 24th September the supermarket cut the price of petrol by 2p a litre and diesel by 1p a litre.

Now Asda and Sainsbury’s have hit back.

Sainsbury’s knocks up to 6ppl off

Sainsbury’s reacted to Tesco’s move by announcing it would cut fuel prices by up to 6p a litre.

From Friday 27th September the supermarket will be cutting the price of petrol by up to 6p a litre on unleaded petrol and up to 4p a litre on diesel.

Sainsbury’s promised that motorists won’t pay more than 129.9 pence per litre for unleaded and 136.9 pence per litre for diesel across its 286 forecourts.

Richard Crampton, Sainsbury’s Head of Fuel, said: “We want our customers to benefit from the recent drop in the wholesale price of fuel. Fuel is a big part of the weekly budget for many households so we hope this cut will be welcomed by drivers across Britain.”

Asda’s third cut

Just minutes after Sainsbury’s announced its move Asda said it would be slashing the cost of fuel for the third time in three weeks.

From Friday motorists won’t pay any more than 128.7 pence per litre for unleaded petrol and 135.7 pence per litre for diesel at any of Asda’s 223 forecourts.

This will represent a cut of 3p a litre on petrol and 2p a litre on diesel.

The supermarket says this is the lowest price its fuel has been at all year.

Asda announced it would be slashing prices on fuel on 12th and 23rd September, so the most recent move is the second price cut in a matter of days!

In three weeks Asda has knocked a total of 5p a litre off unleaded and 3p a litre on diesel.

Petrol prices

The price cuts will come as welcome news to motorists as UK petrol and diesel prices are on the rise.

According to the AA’s latest August fuel price report, unleaded prices have risen by 1.7ppl, from 135.8ppl to 137.5ppl. And the average cost of diesel has gone up by the same amount, from 140.2ppl to 141.9ppl.

The price difference between the two fuels remains at 4.4 pence per litre.

Cheapest petrol

The latest price war among the supermarkets doesn’t guarantee you are getting the cheapest deal on the cost of your fuel.

In the UK drivers are paying significantly different prices depending on where they live. Prices can vary by up to 3p in some areas depending where you fill up.

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