Abbey launches market-leading 1.99% mortgage but only for a week

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Abbey is bringing out a market-leading mortgage but it's got a hefty fee and you can only get one through a broker. And you don't have long to get it either...

Abbey is launching a market leading two-year fixed rate mortgage with a fee of 1.99%, but it’s only available for seven days, starting on Friday 23rd November.

The mortgage has the lowest interest rate in the fixed rate market, but there is a fee of £1,494 which means it might not be suitable for some borrowers.

The Abbey deal

The mortgage is available through Abbey for Intermediaries, part of the Santander group, and is available on loans up to £500,000.

Although the rate is appealing and the only mortgage available under 2% in the two-year fixed rate market, it does have a big upfront fee which will need to be factored in.

The loan-to-value (LTV) rate also needs to be considered. It’s a mortgage which will suit borrowers already on the property market, rather than first-time-buyers (FTBs), as it requires a 40% deposit.

The product is only available for seven days so it’s expected to have a lot of interest. When Tesco Bank launched a similar mortgage at 1.99% on a 60% loan-to-value (LTV) with a £995 fee it was pulled from the market after a month because it was so popular.

This deal is only available through an intermediary, which means you'll need to go through a broker and it won’t be available in the bank’s branches.

Therefore it’s worth finding one which won’t charge you any extra fees, such as our own mortgage service at

How does it compare?

The closest deal comes from NatWest at 2.29%, which has an even larger fee of £1,995. First Direct has a deal at the same rate with a 65% LTV and the same fee of £1,995.

After these deals, Tesco Bank comes in with a mortgage set at 2.39% with a 70% LTV and fees of £995.

When looking at tracker rates, these are also higher and start at 2.49% with a deal from ING Direct, which is set at 1.99% above the base rate and a fee of £1,945.

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