How to make the most money from your old tablet

A range of new tablet launches has led to a huge increase in the number of old models being re-sold. But where can you make the most money for yours?

New tablet launches from Apple, Microsoft and Google have created a big surge in people cashing in on their old tablets.

This is because gadget-hungry consumers are selling their old tablets to make extra money to pay for brand new versions.

There was a 500% rise in the number of iPads traded in after the most recent launch on the comparison website for example, while fellow comparison site CashInYourGadgets saw a 350% rise.

Models of the Apple iPad 3 64GB are fetching the most money and could sell for almost £400, which would go a long way towards the price of one of the brand new tablets.

Along with the iPad, the Blackberry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tab are two of the most popular devices for recycling.

The most expensive tablets

Unsurprisingly, as the most expensive tablet when bought brand new, the iPad will make the most money when traded in.

The highest price on SellMyMobile for the iPad 3 64GB is £380, while the 16GB version has a price tag of £298. This falls to £259 for the iPad 2 64GB.

Older models can make quite a bit as well with the iPad 2 64GB going for £207, the 32GB for £165 and the 16GB for £155 on CashinYourGadgets.

If you buy an iPad 4 brand new it would cost £559 for the 64GB, £479 for the 32GB and £399 for the 16GB. Therefore trading in an old model, if you have one, is a good way to cut the cost of buying a new one.

Resale prices falling

The iPad is the most traded-in device across tablet reselling websites. However, the price you can get for an old model has fallen on the site SellMyMobile by an average monthly rate of 3.2%, and a yearly rate of 38%.

This is due to the rising popularity of people trading in their old models as they upgrade to newer versions.

Top 10 recycled tablets



Highest trade-in price

Lowest trade-in price


Apple iPad 3 64GB (WiFi + 4G)




Apple iPad 3 16GB (WiFi + 4G)




Apple iPad 2 64GB (3G)




Apple iPad 2 32GB (3G)




Apple iPad 2 16GB (3G)




Apple iPad 64GB (WiFi + 3G)




Apple iPad 32GB (WiFi + 3G)




Motorola Xoom 2 (WiFi + 3G)




BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB




Blackberry PlayBook 32GB




There are lots of tablet and phone recycling websites so it's important to shop around across a few sites before selling anything.

If you can't find a suitable price, it's always worth checking out online auction websites such as eBay to see how much you could make. 

Where can I get a cheap tablet

If you're looking to buy a cheaper tablet, refurbished models are also a money-saving option. These are sold for a variety of reasons such as if they're returned goods, ex-display or have cosmetic defects. You can find out more from our guide on buying refurbished tablets.

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