Ryanair to charge 'eco-looney' tax

The budget airline has introduced a new tax on every seat to cover the cost of an EU emissions scheme.

Ryanair has announced it is introducing a 25c (20p) tax to cover the cost of the EU’s new Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).

Calling it an “eco-looney tax”, Ryanair says the impact of the tax on its passengers will be less than its competitors, as it flies more environmentally-friendly aircraft.

The tax, which will be per passenger and per one-way flight, will come into effect from Tuesday (17th January).

German airline Lufthansa has also added an ETS surcharge into its ticket prices.

All airlines, including international carriers, who take off or land in the EU must pay for part of the journey’s emissions through the ETS.

Low-cost long haul airline Air Asia X has announced that it’s pulling out of Europe, partly because of “exorbitant government taxes”, including the ETS and the UK’s air passenger duty.

In December, Ryanair announced that it was increasing its fees for checking in baggage and printing out boarding cards.

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