Keeping up with the Joneses

Find out if you're spending more than the average.

Have you seen the MoneyTrack tool?  We think it’s one of the best money management tools out there and our users seem to really like it. 

Tracker works by automatically aggregating all of your online accounts and credit cards in one place. You can see how much money you’ve got and how you’re spending it. That’s because Tracker automatically categorises your spending into distinct categories so you can see your complete financial picture. 

You can also set budget targets for yourself and see if you’re hitting them. On top of that, you might also find it interesting to compare your spending with the average UK household. Take a look at these figures: 

Average UK household spending 2009 

Spending categories

Average household spend per category

Food & non alcoholic beverages


Alcohol & tobacco


Restaurants & hotels


Clothing & footwear


Recreation & entertainment


Source:  Office of National Statistics  

If you’re spending more on food than the average household, maybe it’s time you to try and cut back. You could get lots of money-saving ideas here

And if you’re curious about MoneyTrack, why don’t you test it out? It’s a completely free service with a mobile app too.


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