Are you spending too much on petrol?

Updated on 07 September 2011 | 8 Comments

Petrol is a massive cost for many households. If you know how much you're spending, it's easier to make cuts.

These days petrol  - or diesel - makes up a massive chunk of the average household’s budget in the UK. The average spend is about £1,500 a year!

One way to cut your spending is to monitor your fuel usage really carefully. If you know how much you’re spending, you’ll be more likely to drive in a more fuel efficient way.

The best way to monitor your spending is to use the Tracker tool. We’ve had great feedback from our users. It works by automatically aggregating your online accounts in one place to give you a complete overview of your spending habits.

Your spending will be broken down into lots of different categories so that you can easily see areas where you’re overspending.

It also helps you compare your spending with other people. Are you spending more than £1,500 a year petrol and fuel? Tracker can help you find out. Then you can focus on looking for ways to cut that spend.....


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