Secret places to find money

Updated on 31 July 2014

A light-hearted look at some other places you might find a bit of money.

Pick your pockets

I’m convinced that some of my friends have magical Mary Poppins pockets, as they seem to be never-ending.

Not only do they cram their mobile phones, pens, MP3 players and wallets in their deep pockets but it seems there’s always room for more.

So it’s no wonder that 39% of Brits regularly discover lose change hidden in the depths of their clothing. If you have a spare ten minutes, take some time to go through your wardrobe and rummage through all your pockets and hopefully you’ll discover some bonus bucks!

Bags of cash

I’m the first to admit that the inside of my handbag resembles a disaster zone.

Sometimes, my purse annoyingly bursts open and releases an army of rusty coppers, which often get forgotten about and remain lurking in my bag.

The average Brit has £1.62 buried in their bag, so have a look through yours to see if there are any pleasant surprises.

If, like me, all you find is coppers, don’t be disheartened because you can convert these at a bank or at your local Asda or Sainsbury’s using their coin converters.

Car Credit

Another great place to discover hidden money is in your trusty automobile.

Most of us knowingly keep change in our cars for paying for parking but have a peek under your seats and in all the compartments.

There’s bound to be some loose change rolling around if you look hard enough, as the average Brit has around £2.44 in their car.

Sofa surprises

The best thing about investing in a big sofa, is that it’s likely to collect more money.

23% of us regularly find loose change behind the comfy cushions of our settees, so if you don’t regularly look, it’s time to have a nosey.

Desk delights

Desk drawers reportedly hide the biggest cash bonuses, with the average Brit having £3.59 waiting to be found.

Like my handbag, my desk drawers are as organised as a Mad Hatters Tea Party, with documents, letters and makeup mixing in a tornado of messy chaos.

If you’re a self confessed member of the unorganised club, psyche yourself up with some motivational music (Europe''s The Final Countdown is a great choice) and blitz away through organising your drawers. Not only will this help you find inner peace but you’ll hopefully find some hidden cash prizes too.

Washing money

I am one of the lucky Brits who owns a magical washing machine; I put clothes in and after the washing is done, coins mystically materialise.

So if you haven't checked it recently, the humble washing machine is a great place to find loose change that falls out of pockets.

It’s probably better to check pockets before you put clothes in the machine though, as loose coins could end up breaking the system, leaving you to fork out on a new washing machine.

The money-ster under your bed

Considering that 39% of us have loose change rammed in our pockets, it only makes sense that some of this cash ends up on the floor and under our beds, so lift up your bed and see what you find.

While you’re at it, investigate under all your furniture, you never know what you might discover!

Check your ornaments

Those various ornaments and  fixtures throughout your house may make your home look delightful but they also sometimes have the unique ability to attract money to them.

I tend to dismissively place coppers in various little pots throughout my house but if I collected them all, I’m sure I’d be pleased with how much they would amount to.

Out and about

Your money hunt doesn’t need to be confined to your home, as when you’re out and about there are plenty opportunities to find forgotten cash.

Always have a beady eye on the pavement when you walk along the street for any glistening coins. 66% of us would be happy to pick up a penny from the street, so keep your eyes peeled.

Just make sure you’re certain the money doesn’t belong to someone and if you’re concerned then you could hand the cash into a police station.

Phone-box dosh

Another great place to find clearly unwanted cash is in the change compartments of vending machines and public telephone boxes so never pass one without having a sneaky peek!


So what’s the best thing to do with your new found money or any spare money you may have? Well, it’s a great idea to open a savings account, so you can get more for your money. Check out our savings account comparison centre for the best deals.

So next time you have some time on your hands, have a look in the secret places that could be hiding money, you may be pleasantly surprised!


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