Tax Credits 2019: easiest way to renew before the 31 July deadline

Updated on 17 July 2019

The 2019 deadline for renewing Tax Credits is fast approaching. Follow this step-by step guide to make sure you carry on receiving these benefits.

Don't miss the Tax Credit deadline

The deadline to renew Tax Credits is just around the corner (31 July) yet many claimants have yet to successfully complete their renewal forms.

Depending on your circumstances, these credits could be worth thousands of pounds a year.

If you miss the deadline your Tax Credits payments will stop. Worse, you’ll be sent a statement and will have to pay back the tax credits you’ve been given since 6 April 2019.

Angela MacDonald, director general of customer services at HMRC, called on eligible households to act now or risk missing out.

"We’ve improved our services so customers can renew their Tax Credits at a time that’s convenient to them but the 31 July deadline is fast approaching.

"I urge customers who have yet to renew their tax credits to do so as soon as possible, to avoid their payments being stopped."

What are Tax Credits?

Tax Credits are payments from the Government to help with the costs of bringing up children and for those people who don’t earn very much money.

Why do I need to renew my Tax Credits?

Each year you need to renew the Tax Credits you are claiming to ensure you’re getting the right amount of money and that all your details are correct.

If you’re already receiving Tax Credits you’ll be sent a renewal pack between April and June, though those that claimed after 6th April won’t get one before the following April.

If you haven’t received your renewal pack call the Tax Credit helpline on 0345 300 3900.

What action do I need to take?

Those sent an Annual Declaration form and an Annual Review notice will need to take action and renew their Tax Credits by 31 July.

The Tax Credit Office will let you know its decision and what your new payments will be within eight weeks of renewal.

Those who only received the Annual Review notice don’t have to do anything (so long as nothing has changed) as the claim will be renewed automatically.

For these people, Tax Credits will continue as normal but you still need to make sure you tell the Tax Office if your personal circumstances change at all. Find out which changes you need to notify the Tax Credit Office about here.

How do I renew?

You can send your Annual Declaration renewal form back to the Tax Credit Office, but it needs to arrive by 31 July. The address is:

Tax Credit Office
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

Alternatively, you can now renew online at using your 15-digit reference number.

You can also call the Tax Credit Helpline on 0345 300 3900 (open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday) to renew and if you need help filling out the form.

However, be aware that the line gets very busy around the deadline, so the earlier you do it the better.

What information do I need?

In order to renew your Tax Credits you will need the following:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • Details of you and your partner's income for the last tax year if employed/ self-employed
  • Details of other sources of income like savings accounts, pensions or rent
  • Details of any other benefits you’re receiving
  • Details of childcare payments you're currently making
  • The number of hours you work

If you need help completing the form you can call the Tax Credit Helpline on 0345 300 3900 (or +44 2890 538 192 outside the UK), which is open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 4pm Saturday.

What if I don't renew?

Payments will stop straight away if you’ve been sent an Annual Declaration form and haven’t returned it by the 31 July deadline.

After the deadline has passed you’ll be sent a statement and have to pay back the Tax Credits you’ve been given since 6th April. But you can avoid this and get your Tax Credits restarted by sending your renewal within 30 days of receiving the statement.

You’ll be sent any payments you’ve missed since your claim ended if you comply. But if you fail to send the renewal again after the 30-day period you’ll normally have to make a new claim to start getting the benefit again.


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