How to find cheaper diesel and petrol

Updated on 16 July 2014

Find out how you can fill up your tank for less.

Compare pump prices

Why waste fuel driving around to find the cheapest prices, when the PetrolPrices website does the legwork for you? This brilliant, free site will find the cheapest forecourts in your area for petrol, diesel and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). All it needs to get cracking is your postcode and how far you're willing to cruise for cheaper fuel.

Fill up when you see a cheaper petrol station

If you happen to be passing a petrol station that's cheaper than the ones in your area and you need some fuel, why not take advantage?

Grab supermarket coupons and other discounts

The Big Four supermarkets – Asda, Morrison, Sainsbury's and Tesco – occasionally provide money-off coupons to redeem at their own forecourts. Usually, these promotional vouchers give you 5p or 10p off a litre of fuel, as a reward for spending, say, £50 in-store.

For instance, a 5p/litre discount would save you £2.50 when filling up a 50-litre tank. This is a saving well worth having, but only if this exceeds any additional shopping and driving costs.

If you're an American Express customer, they also regularly run fuel promotions via location app Foursquare.

Use loyalty cards

Most petrol retailers (and supermarkets) have some kind of loyalty programme designed to encourage you to spend more and keep coming back.

You can find out more about these in The best petrol loyalty cards.

While these freebies are worth having, it's obviously not worth driving halfway across your county purely to grab reward points.

Avoid getting caught short on the motorway

Pump prices at motorway service stations are notoriously expensive so make sure you have enough fuel before setting off.

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