Best UK grocery delivery apps: we review Dija, Gorillas, Weezy and more

Best UK grocery delivery apps: we review Dija, Gorillas, Weezy and more

Superfast grocery apps are a great way of getting your weekly shop delivered in minutes. But how much do they cost, and what kind of support do they offer if something goes wrong? We review the likes of Dija, Gorrillas, Weezy and more.

Hannah Ward-Glenton

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Hannah Ward-Glenton
Updated on 4 October 2021

Superfast grocery delivery apps

There has been a recent boom in startups in some of the UK’s biggest cities, all promising to deliver groceries to your front door within minutes of ordering.

As several new companies clamour to become top dog in the burgeoning industry, there are some great introductory deals on offer.

We’ve looked at some of the companies competing for control of the market to see how their services compare in terms of cost, offers, location and customer service.

I have used Dija, Gorillas and Weezy in the past couple of weeks, and so have added details of the services’ delivery times, but this round-up also includes Getir, Jiffy and Zapp.

All information listed is accurate at the time of writing.

If you'd prefer to shop with a big name, or don't want to buy your groceries on a phone or tablet, you could instead have a look at this guide to supermarket one-hour delivery services, but be aware some of these are very much still in the trial phase.

How grocery delivery apps work

Each of these companies has its own smartphone app, which lists the groceries for sale along with prices, pictures and descriptions.

As with any other online ordering service, you simply add products to your shopping cart and pay by card.

Every company will have one, or several, fulfilment centres or warehouses that are strategically located and stocked with products listed on the app.

This means that what you see on the app is what is currently available, and so you avoid the often-pesky substitution issue that crops up with supermarket home deliveries.

When an order is placed, a member of staff picks and packs the groceries ready for delivery.

The apps in this round-up emphasise their eco-friendly credentials, and deliveries are brought to you via bike, e-moped or e-motorcycle, typically within minutes of you ordering.

All of the companies listed also allow you to track your delivery on a real-time map and a notification is sent through on the app when the delivery rider has arrived.

So, what services are currently on offer?

Dija grocery delivery app

Dija grocery app review (Image: Hannah Ward Glenton - loveMONEY)

London-based delivery startup Dija launched in March, and it offers a good selection of grocery products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, individual pastries and frozen goods.

There is also a range of soft and alcoholic drinks to choose from, both in single servings and larger bottles.

The priciest beverage on offer is a 75cl bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage Brut champagne for £149.99.

As well as more conventional groceries, Dija has a tobacco and vape section, which includes cigarettes, lighters, matches, nicotine pouches and vape pods.

According to Dija’s website, groceries will be delivered within 10 minutes of being ordered. When I tested the app on a weekday evening there were only six minutes between clicking “Order” and the food arriving at my front door.

Example prices

Product Price
Bananas (six) £1.19, equivalent to £0.20 per banana
Broccoli (one head) £0.99
Eggs (six, free-range) £1.29
Sliced sourdough loaf (500g, Bertinet Bakery) £1.99
Cumberland sausages (six, Parsons Nose, free-range) £2.99
Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (200g) £2.19
Sauvignon Blanc (75cl, Rio Rica) £7.49
Paracetamol (16-pack, Panadol) £1.79

Delivery areas

London-based Dija is currently operating in London, Paris and Madrid.

Delivery charge and minimum spend

Dija charges a flat delivery fee of £1.79 and there is no minimum spend.

Delivery hours

10am-12am on weekdays, 9am-2am on weekends.

Introductory offers

Dija is running an introductory offer with the code WELCOME10. Shoppers can get £10 off their first delivery with a minimum spend of £15. That means first-time users can get £15-worth of shopping for £6.79, including the delivery charge.

It’s also common to see products on offer on the app, for example, 500g of grapes currently costs £1.79 rather than the standard in-app price of £1.99.

This also applies to branded products, such as tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which right now are £4.49 rather than £4.99.

Customer service

Dija has a very personable customer service feature as you can see the name and photo of the person you’re speaking to.

When you first enter the chat you’re given a series of topics to choose from, for example, “Store opening times”, and then you're directed to a person to speak to.

When I asked about delivery times and locations the response was very quick and thorough.


I received an extra paper bag with my order that contained a free 180g bar of Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate, which would typically have been £3.79 through the app.

Dija was much heavier in its use of plastic packaging than the other two apps that I tried (Weezy and Gorillas). The bags were paper, but the fruit was all wrapped in plastic.

Getir grocery delivery app

Turkish grocery delivery service Getir was founded in 2015, and it was labelled “the world’s first ultrafast delivery service”.

The service launched in London in January and is continuing to expand across Europe.

Over 1,500 products are listed on its app, including fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly-baked pastries, and frozen goods.

Getir has a large “Home” products section, which includes disposable masks, cologne spray, umbrellas and HDMI cables. Toys and games listed on the app include a frisbee, playing cards, a kite and tennis balls.

At the top end of its alcohol range, there is also a 75cl bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée Brut champagne for £159.

The Getir website says its orders arrive “within minutes”. There is an "ETA" function in the corner of the app, which gives an estimate of how long an order will take to arrive.

Example prices

Product Price
Bananas (five) £1.25 (equivalent to £0.25 per banana)
Cauliflower (one head) £1
Eggs (six, free-range) £1.10
Sliced white bread (800g, Hovis Soft White Medium) £1.20
Pork chops (440g, Thorner's, free-range) £3.49
Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (200g) £2.25
Pinot Grigio (75cl, Villa Maria Private Bin) £9.35 (on offer, usually £11)
Paracetamol (16-pack, Galpharm) £0.70

Delivery areas

Getir currently only delivers in Zones 1 and 2 in London, but the company has plans for expansion across the city and other places in the UK.

Delivery charge and minimum spend

Getir usually has a delivery fee of £1.99 but this is currently being waived. Every delivery requires a minimum spend of £10.

Delivery hours


Introductory offers

Getir is currently offering £10 off when you spend £20 or more, which means that users can get £20-worth of shopping for £10.

The app also lists an offer that allows you to get £10 off when you spend £40 or more, as well as free Kiss the Hippo coffee pods for any orders above £15.

Customer service

Getir doesn’t have a live chat function, but the company can be contacted by email and phone, although the contact details are hidden among the FAQs.

On sending an email there was no confirmation that the company had received my query and I didn’t receive a response before the publication of this article.

Gorillas grocery delivery app

Gorillas has a good selection when it comes to groceries it can drop to your door, with staples such as bread, eggs and milk available alongside vape pods, batteries and USB cables.

The app also comes with a big selection of alcohol, pet foods and pharmacy products.

Alongside its more traditional groceries, Gorillas has a “Food To Go” section, which includes ready-made sandwiches, wraps and a vegan poke bowl.

Gorillas says it will deliver groceries to your door within 10 minutes of ordering. When I tested the app on a weekday evening delivery took 12 minutes.

Example prices

Product Price
Bananas (single) £0.25
Broccoli (one head) £1.25
Eggs (six, free-range) £1.50
Sliced white bread (550g, Baker Street) £1.75
Pork sausages (six, Brookfield Farm) £3.75
Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (200g) £2.25
Sauvignon Blanc (75cl, Isla Negra Seashore) £6
Paracetamol (16-pack, Galpharm) £0.70

Delivery areas

Germany-based Gorillas swept across Europe before it landed in the UK, and its delivery services are currently available in Cambridge, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Southampton.

Delivery charge and minimum spend

Gorillas charges a £1.80 delivery fee and there is no minimum spend.

Delivery hours

8am-12am every day.

Introductory offers

Gorillas is currently running a promotional offer called 10IN10, which allows users to get £10 off their first 10 orders.

There is a minimum spend of £15, but it does mean you can get £15-worth of shopping for £6.80, including the delivery charge, up to ten times.

The code is only valid for new users.

Customer service

Gorillas has a live Customer Support chat, and when I tested it I received a response to my query about opening hours within one hour.


I received a free banana with my order.

Jiffy grocery delivery app

Launched in London in March, Jiffy has a good variety of products including fresh fruit and vegetables and an impressive array of cheeses, spanning Cathedral City cheddar and Dairylea Cheese Slices, to West Country Brie and Long Clawson Stilton.

The meat and fish selection is more limited than other services in this round-up.

Jiffy also has an extensive “Tobacco and Vape” section that includes a range of cigarettes, vape products and lighters.

The company promises to deliver its groceries within 15 minutes of the order being placed.

Example prices

Product Price
Bananas (1kg) £0.72 (approximately £0.09 per banana)
Broccoli (one head) £0.68
Eggs (six, free-range) £1.20
Sliced white bread (800g, Kingsmill Soft White) £1.16 (on offer, usually £1.45)
Pork and leek sausages (400g, Thorner's) £3.15 (on offer, usually £3.50)
Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (95g) £0.62 (on offer, usually £0.89)
Sauvignon Blanc (75cl, Oxford Landing Estates) £6.83
Waterproof plasters (18-pack, Elastoplast) £2.99

Delivery areas

Jiffy currently delivers to five areas in London – Waterloo, Deptford, Battersea, Bethnal Green and Park Royal – and plans are underway for the company to launch a further 20 fulfilment hubs across the UK later this year.

Delivery charge and minimum spend

Delivery costs £1.99 if an order comes to less than £10, but there is no delivery charge if the order costs more than £10.

Delivery hours

7am-11pm every day.

Introductory offers

Jiffy has an introductory offer of 20% off your first order with the code WELCOME20.

The app also has an “Offers” section, which currently features more than 220 products that are 10-50% cheaper than their usual in-app price.

Items currently on offer include Pipers Crisps Cider Vinegar (40g), which are £0.39 instead of £0.79, PG Tips Pyramid Teabags (40 bags), which are £0.95 instead of £1.35, and Bombay Sapphire Gin (70cl), which is priced at £19.80 instead of £22.

Customer service

Jiffy has a “Chat with support” feature that allows you to message a support team if you have any questions.

When I messaged to ask about opening hours and the service’s delivery locations I received answers within a couple of minutes.

Weezy grocery delivery app

Weezy grocery app review (Image: Hannh Ward Glenton - loveMONEY)

Weezy’s tagline is “Local produce, everyday favourites”, and it offers a range of items that are local to its delivery area, as well as well-known branded products.

Fresh fruit and vegetables for example come from New Covent Garden Market for app users based in London, and meat is procured from a local butcher.

The app features a games section where you can buy Twister, Jenga, Monopoly and even a paddling pool. The most expensive product on the Weezy app is a 75cl bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée Brut Champagne, which costs £175.

Weezy doesn’t specify a delivery time, but its website highlights that groceries will be “delivered in minutes”.

When I used Weezy on a weekday evening delivery took 21 minutes.

Example prices

Product Price
Bananas (five) £1.25, equivalent to £0.25 per banana
Broccoli (one head) £1
Eggs (six, free-range) £1.50
Sliced white bread (Hovis Soft White Medium, 800g) £1.15
Cumberland sausages (six, free-range, from local butcher) £6.50
Cadbury Bourneville Classic Dark Chocolate (180g) £2.25
Sauvignon Blanc (Luis Felipe Edwards Lot 66, Rapel Valley, 75cl) £8.50
Paracetamol (Panadol, 16-pack) £2

Delivery areas

Weezy is available for delivery in Bristol, Brighton, and large parts of central London.

Delivery charge and minimum spend

Weezy charges £2.95 for delivery, but free delivery is currently available on orders over £30 using the promotional code FREEDELIVERYJULY.

Delivery hours

8am-12am every day.

Introductory offers

Weezy is offering new customers £10 off their first two orders with the promotional code WELCOME10.

There is a minimum order amount of £20. Including the delivery charge, new users can get £20-worth of shopping for £12.95.

There is also a section of the app for branded products that are on offer.

Items currently listed include a Weetabix On the Go Breakfast Drink (250ml) for £1.50, down from £2, and Aunt Bessie’s Crispy & Fluffy Roasties (800g), which are £1.35 instead of £2.25.

Customer service

Weezy has a live chat service that allows you to speak to a member of staff in real-time.

Initially, an automated answer was generated from my question and I was provided with information about basket size, although I asked for store opening hours.

I received an answer to my email around 12 hours after sending my query.


Packaging was minimal with my Weezy delivery, and everything was in brown paper bags.

Zapp grocery delivery app

Zapp stocks more than 1,000 “essential items”, including fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh herbs, and staples such as cereal, baking ingredients and tinned goods.

The app also features party supplies, including playing cards, balloons, sustainable disposable BBQs and birthday cards, as well as home office products, such as Sellotape, glue and a sewing kit.

Zapp says it will deliver all orders in less than 20 minutes.

Example prices

Product Price
Bananas (single) £0.29
Broccoli (one head) £0.99
Eggs (six, free-range) £2.29
Sliced white bread (800g, Hovis Soft White Medium) £1.19
Pork sausages (six, The Butchery) £5.79
Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons (240g) £2.59
Sauvignon Blanc (75cl, Casillero del Diablo) £8.99
Paracetamol (16-pack, Panadol) £1.79

Delivery areas

Zapp is currently available to users in most parts of London, as well as Manchester Piccadilly.

Delivery charge and minimum spend

There is a flat £1.99 delivery fee with Zapp, but this is waived on orders above £30. There is also no minimum spend.

Delivery hours

Zapp offers a 24/7 service.

Introductory offers

Zapp is offering £10 off first orders worth a minimum of £20 with the voucher code ZAPPTEN.

With no delivery charge at the moment, this means you can get £20-worth of shopping for £10.

Customer service

Zapp doesn’t have a live chat service, but it does list a contact email address and phone number in its “Help Center”.

I received confirmation that my email was received with notice that it could take up to 24 hours for a response, but a reply answering my queries came through within 10 minutes.

Deliveroo Hop delivery app

The newest fast delivery service from a UK supermarket is the result of a tie-up between Deliveroo and Morrisons.

The Deliveroo Hop service promises deliveries in as little as 10 minutes, picking up the food from delivery-only grocery stores run by Morrisons. 

Deliveroo reckons that its ‘grocery management technology’ means it will be able to keep a closer eye on its inventory, reducing the chances of shoppers having items substituted, while it claims that shoppers will enjoy a range of up to 2,000 items from Morrisons’ various stock lines.

Interestingly this partnership is a little different from others involving supermarkets, as in this case Morrisons is serving as essentially the wholesaler rather than the retailer. As a result it’s Deliveroo that will be in charge of setting prices and the like.

Example prices

Product Price
Seedless grapes £2.19
Broccoli (350g) 54p
Eggs (six, free-range) £1.89
Sliced bread (750g, Hovis, Best of Both) £1.19
Sausages (Morrisons Thick Cumberland, 400g) £2.80
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate (200g) £2.19
Sauvignon Blanc (75cl, Oyster Bay) £10.99
Paracetamol (16-pack) 69p

Delivery areas

The Deliveroo Hop service is currently only operating in south London, for shoppers in the Battersea and Vauxhall areas.

Delivery charge and minimum spend

Deliveries cost 99p, with a £10 minimum spend.

Delivery hours

Deliveries are available from Deliveroo Hop up until midnight.

Introductory offers

Some shoppers are being offered a £10 discount for their first order, while ‘loyal’ shoppers who use the service during its launch period can win rewards, though Deliveroo hasn’t shared details about precisely what they may be.

Customer service

Shoppers are invited to call the Morrisons store in Vauxhall if they have questions about the ingredients and cooking methods of any of the items on offer. 

Deliveroo also offers a help facility through both its app and website. 

Are they worth using?

The sudden appearance of a number of these services across London and other major UK cities suggests there is an appetite for ultra-fast grocery delivery services, particularly as many people are currently having to isolate at short notice because of coronavirus.

The companies also offer a quick and simple alternative for anybody unable to book a supermarket home delivery slot.

The range of products is very limited compared to supermarkets, and prices are typically higher than in the aisles of your local store – especially as there are no own-brand products – but introductory offers mean that there are some really good deals currently up for grabs.

These apps certainly win when it comes to speed of delivery and convenience, and they’re ideal if you’re in desperate need of a couple of ingredients to solve a cooking crisis, or just craving something sweet but don’t feel like getting out of your pyjamas.


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