I just sign over my timeshare and had to purchase a travel site so I could claim back

by dusty60 28 July 2010  |  Comments 6 comments  |  Love Love  0 loves

by a reclaim company , I have paid a deposit but now after looking on internet I found the reclaim company are dodgy. I sign a commercial contract this happen on 11th July. Can I get out of this. DAVE M


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  • SoftwareBear
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    SoftwareBear posted

    Hi Dusty ... can you take deep breath and re-state what has happened

    Posted on 29 July 2010 | Love Love  0 loves Report
  • dusty60
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    dusty60 posted

    I went to sell my timeshare at a office in Chelmsford I was told if bought a travel site they would take my timeshare then I would get a reclaim certificate for a set amount and will get it back in 51 months You were given a figure what your time share worth of which you would at least get 50% back. you would get enough back that will what you paid out plus a bit extra for timeshare. I have paid a deposit but after going on the web have found out the reclaim company tries all the tricks not to pay you,even if you do every thing right.Me and Wife had to intial every page of a contract which were rush through very quick and sign the last page.the contract is commercial and english law. earlier in meeting I was told that I could not cancel once sign.

    I want to know because the reclaim is part of the contract and I feel  will not get back my money back in 51 months want can I do.

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  • SoftwareBear
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    SoftwareBear posted

    talk to a solicitor if there is a lot of money involved.

    why did you rush through it and sign.

    Normally you would be given a copy to peruse in advance of signing something so detailed so you can run it past a solicitor if you don't understand it ... or a 14 get out clause.

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  • SoftwareBear
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    SoftwareBear posted

    what is a "Travel Site" ... do you mean a web site ?

    Posted on 29 July 2010 | Love Love  1 love Report
  • manzanilla
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    manzanilla posted

    Go to your local CAB if you cannot afford a solicitor.

    And next time, NEVER sign anything where you feel you are being rushed. Ask to take it away and sign it later.


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  • Aliciafox
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    Aliciafox posted

    I nearly got caught by one of theses scams last year. They wanted us to buy into an expensive holiday club in exchange for taking the timeshare off our hands. We would get our money back via Reclaim in 51 months time. Fortunately, my credit card declined the transaction and I didn't pay them any money. They didn't want to do business with someone who couldn't pay...

    No court will enforce a fraudulent or unfair transaction. Look it up on the OFT's website. However, you will not get your money back from them unless you paid by credit card and then you can register a dispute with the credit card company who may be able to claw back the money. Firstly, you need to check whether your home insurance policy has legal insurance. Their legal helpline will tell you what to do and if push comes to shove, will provide a solicitor to act for you. If you don't have this, Consumer Direct can help you. Meanwhile, contact the Timeshare Consumers Association, TATOC and the Resort Developers Organisation (RDO) who can also give you advice. They know all about the scams and will be very happy for you to report this company as they are trying to clean up the industry. Also report them to your local Trading Standards Office.

    Posted on 15 September 2010 | Love Love  0 loves Report

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