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Weddings can be ridiculously expensive - make sure you're financially ready for marital bliss!

Get your finances in shape early

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Set up a joint account
If there’s one thing you are guaranteed to argue about once you’re married it’s money.

To reduce this likelihood, set up a joint account to cover the essentials – the food shop, the gas bill, etc. You can then each access this account whenever you need to make a payment. However, it pays to keep a separate current account each to cover your own spending each month.  Just be sure to set up a direct debit to transfer over a fixed amount to the joint account each month.

Ditch past ties
Don’t let your past ruin your future – make sure you are disentangled from any previous financial relationships.

A 'financial association' occurs when you take out credit together. Examples include taking out a joint account together, or being jointly responsible for a mortgage. Be sure to check your credit report to see whether you have any such associations.

Start saving
Weddings are exceptionally expensive occasions, and while some helpful parents are only too happy to make a contribution, very few of them can afford to shell out for the whole thing. So make sure you are putting money aside each month to cover your side of the bargain.

And be sure to put that money in a savings account that both pays a decent rate of interest, but also allows easy access so you can get at your cash.

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