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How-to Guides » Beat the petrol price hikes

Fuel-saving tips and cheaper car running advice to help you save money on your motoring, and beat the petrol price hikes.

Cut your fuel costs

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Pay as little as you can

There's obviously no point in driving for miles to save a few pence - so sign up with a company like petrolprices.com. It can email you a list of the five, cheapest filling stations (and the prices of petrol and diesel at each) in your local vicinity - you might be surprised how much the prices can vary.

Ditch the extra weight

A 100kg load can reduce mileage by up to 5 miles per gallon.

So remove roof racks when not using them, empty the book of unnecessary items and enjoy driving a more streamlined and efficient car!

Perform some basic maintenance

When was the last time you checked your own tyre pressures, oil level and coolant? A well maintained car is more fuel efficient - keep on top of these little jobs and not only will your vehicle be more reliable, it'll use less fuel too.

Under-inflated tyres can add up to 3% to your fuel bill; they'll wear down more quickly and could actually be dangerous, too.

Try hyper-miling

"Hyper-miling" means altering the way you drive. And a lot of it is sensible stuff - accelerating smoothly, don't speed, slow down gradually and aim to get as many miles to the gallon as possible.

Hyper-milers recommend parking up a slight hill if possible so you can simply roll back to get out (termed "potential parking").

They also recommend cars are maintained with fuel efficiency in mind so air filters are changed very frequently (dirty ones can cut mileage by 10%).

Keep an eye out for supermarket offers

Sainsbury’s and Tesco regularly run promotions where you can save 5p/litre of fuel, provided you spend £50 in store.

Pay with a cashback card

If you know you can cover the cost of your fuel in full, use a cashback credit card wherever possible. This will ensure you get cashback on all the fuel purchases you make. It's like getting a discount on the fuel - wherever you get it from!

Compare car insurance quotes via lovemoney.com

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  • Tanni
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    Tanni said

    Best way to save fuel; drive less!

    Invest in a bike.

    Downgrade to a more economical car, smaller engine.

    Make your own fuel, bio fuel.

    Move abroad where fuel duty is not as taxing as it is here.

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  • nickpike
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    nickpike said

    Have a revolution to sort out all sorts of stuff.

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