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It applies to phone lines problems which in turn impacts broadband performance. My problem has always appeared for years. Heavy rain and my line plays up until it dries. So I collared a BT Engineer in our street and explained the problem. He appeared later showed me two bits of metal being hung together by a tiny thread of wire. I didn't know the significance of this faulty part from the street or beyond. He said he would replace it in a fortnight and I never saw him again.

Since I upgraded recently for free to faster broadband, it has become significantly

slower, My father still can't phone me - just buzzes if I answer or doesn't ring and some other

people have left ans msgs which crackle, no sound. If I use my mobile to phone it it works fine and plenty of pals get through OK.

There are multi-faceted departments outwardly client facing and when you need someone to check something in the local box, they are like the untouchables. You cannot communicate with them. Instead they sent an engineer who proudly admits he know nothing about computers. He performs some tests with some equipment designed to impress. Some of the tests which should have rung back fail (which is one of the problems).

His spurious conclusion is that it is all working properly to my junction box which I politely accept. I call back cos Braodband is still slow and there is still a problem. They to perform a test without them. They ask me to unplug everything and my Dad has to phone me as I plug ecah phone in the main socket to test it. They all work.

Clearly, what they want to do is deny that there is a problem in their network beyond the main socket and charge you £100 for the engineer's time by very easily blaming your equipment. People fear the £100 charge and will give up often at the threat of that charge from the first phone call.

My main equipment is fairly new but they always want to blame non-BT equipment. My BT equipment is older and then they say but it;s not rented from BT. It still doesn't work properly after man days of my time. I've asked my Dad to try using the broadband number. I suspect it is an intermittent problem with a route or router in their phone network between my father and I or rainwater is affect my local wiring outside my house or the engineer never came back and replaced the faulty part he identified as the problem. When you tell them this down their physical network components and tell them the story, they do not take it in because they cannot commmunicate with the untouchables and get them to check the BT Phone Network equipment.

And they had the cheek to change the cheap/free phone time from after 6pm to after 7pm confusing the elderly and worst of all, they did it on 1st April 2010, a pretty bad April Fool Day joke. Who thought that up?

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