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Looking for a supplier of printer ink cartridges for Epson DX8450 Printer?

Can you recommend any suppliers of ink cartridges at a reasonable price? I have been quoted £30+ by Epson for a set of 1 black and 3 pack of colour cartridges!


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You can massively cut the cost by not using the genuine Epson cartridges - a word of warning, [b]using non-Epson ink voids the warranty on the printer[/b] but given the price of printers compared to printer ink it is sometimes worth it - my printer cost me £30, a full set of genuine cartridges was more than that. The last time I bought official Epson cartridges I bought them from a company called Cartridge Monkey - they are cheaper than the quote you've got but not by much.

Please bear in mind that the cartidges that came with the machine were only part full. New ones will last a lot longer. If you are having to pay postage and it is the black that is running out first, it might be a good idea to get 2 blacks with 1 set of colours. Mike

Bit of a strange question for you... Are the codes on the cartridges in the 711 range? If they are, I might be able to help (at least this one time anyway!). Kat Community Team @ lovemoney.com

For ink cartridge , always be the most cost in the printing , for reduce the printing cost . the remanufactured ink cartridge is the great way . we specilized in remanufactured ink cartridge business more than 10years and with our own factory locate in Shanghai ,China.

for remanfactured ink cartridge ,please contact me via mail : sales009@oaren.com MSN:oaren009@hotmail.com Anytime!

Or if you prefer to keep the business in the UK call 0191 2674981 or chris.summerson@Laser-ex.co.uk printer cartridges are notorious for being temperamental products, good luck in trying to return it to china !! i Can beat prices on cartridge monkey and cartridge save also !!