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Can "Global Green Services" be legitimate?

This company advertises "Invest in your future and earn outstanding, safe returns: 100% tax free, 100% capital guaranteed, projected 12% pa return." Webpage here: http://freequotes.co.uk/edrcpr/ggs/index.php Can this be legitimate? Opinions please.


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I think you know the answer to this question already. No risk 12% return, guaranteed by which government? but with no link through to a government site. Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck - its a duck Anything that looks too good to be true, usually it.

Hi Joe, what if I tell you this is promoted by Fool.co.uk?

I thought the same as Joe, but then noticed it was advertised on today's Lovemoney email. An advert is not the same as a promotion, though! By the way, doesn't a duck waddle?

I thought the same as you both, except I don't believe the fact that it's apparently approved by Fool/Lovemoney necessarily means it's legit. Maybe it slipped through?

I was thinking of investing in this, is it worth it? Does anyone know whether this company has been around for a long time and how is the capital secure? What do you mean by its 'genuine' peepobaby, is that mean it is a genuine company that does offer this type of investment as opposed to some hair brained scheme to fleece investors? thanks

I've just posted another reply on this outfit. Basically they are a sales agent. So if you part with your money to the agent, make sure you know what asset you will get in return - and with what guarantees. Investing in a physical tree (rather than a timber derivative) is unregulated as far as I know.

the link as mentioned above http://www.fool.co.uk/qanda/54626.aspx

As I just asked on the other thread: Should Motley Fool really be pushing this type of investment?

If you are interested in forestry investments, then there is a balanced discussion board detailing most of the primary species (including Teak) at the address here > [url=http://www.youforum.co.uk/forestry_investor/]http://www.youforum.co.uk/forestry_investor/[/url] There is also a few other good resources that may be helpful one is the forestry investor blog here > [url=http://www.forestryinvestor.com/]http://www.forestryinvestor.com/[/url] And also there is this one in regards to general forestry here > [url=http://www.forestryupdate.com/]http://www.forestryupdate.com/[/url] , There are of course several more however these seem to have the information you need to look at the business model of GGS. I hope this helps

Hi I was abit worried with the above comments because I have invested 10000 pounds with the company. It appears a good investment and I would not have invested if it was not recommended by a dear friend who knows about forestry investments. He has also invested, but alot more 35000 pounds or so but he flew to costa rica and saw his plots of trees and was that impressed that he recommended investing more. But I thought 10,000 pounds was enough. I am waiting for a return soon, so hopefully I should get one. Personally if I invest more money I will go to costa rica and see for myself, companies may sound very good but its best to see for yourself. Anyway I would not recommend such investments unless one does his homework

Hi John, Did you get a return on this? Would you re-invest?

Hello everybody, if you are interested in comparing teak and other tropical forestry investments, check out [url=http://www.investingalternatively.com]www.investingalternatively.com[/url]. This new platform is dedicated to teak and tropical timber investors. The site provides pricing comparisons of teak plantations for sale at different maturities and facilitates investor's due diligence. Before paying abnormal prices it pays off to search a bit around and compare alternatives. Also above mentioned company would be welcome to register there and make themselves more transparent towards investors. Please note, there are also various other opportunistic opportunities listed which can be evaluated. And yes you should always do your homework, your due diligence.

this company with whom we invested a small amount of money in the teak tree business are now selling carbon credits. Does anyone have any experience of this part of their operation?

I have two plots in Costa Rica sold to me by Global Green Services. So far, one harvest has happened and I did get paid out. I also bought some carbon credits through them and waiting to be paid out in about 3 months time. I would welcome any other information or experiences on this company.

John2d I also bought 2 plots in Costa Rica from Global Green Services for which I have received 2 certificates of ownership which appear to be genuine. I was also approached by a Hugh Campbell and a Marcus Green of Global Green regarding carbon credits. I agreed to buy some via an agent in Vancouver. However the monies I transferred to a bank in Vancouver have been frozen in a holding account as the bank has reservaions about the legitimacy of the agent. The Canadian bank are in contact with City of LOndon Police amongst others. I am now having doubts about the legitimacy of Global Green. For example I tried to check on the address they give in London and could not come up with a valid address on post finder . I also note that Global Green are connected with Madera Viva who in turn are connected to Silva Tree. The latter may also be of dubious legitamacy according to other blogs I have read.

Hi anglian, John2d I bought teak in Costa Rica with globalgreenservices.com in 2009. It paid out the first payment late 2010. I also bought green house gas emission reduction credits with Adams Steel, through GGS, in October and January. They say that Adams Steel has been taken over by Resource Polymer. I am going to write to Mark Sweetman, Chief Financial Officer of Adams Steel to see if he can verify this. I have around 28k invested with emission credits and teak, so I am concerned. I have spoken to Hugh Campbell, Marcus Green and Robert Thomson. I am in London in three weeks time. I will check out 145-157 St John Street, the address that GGS give.

I invested in Teak and and did not invest in Carbon Credits. The documentation I received for the Teak investment looked legit but the details on the forms were wrong. I expected a payment early 2011 but only had excuses why I haven't received it yet. The original GGS telephone number does not work anymore. The individuals who sold it to me can't be contacted anymore. Calls get returned sporadically by different people. If this is a scam, and I read correctly between the lines based on replies they gave me to queries, I predict they will pull the plug and run with the money in April 2011.

hi guys, I have teak and have received first thinning payment. have also bought Adams Steel and Resource Polymers carbon credits. Have spoken, at various times to the same three chaps as JohnJ2. Now told that sale of credits about to go through, but I should open a swiss bank a/c to receive proceeds or risk US withholding tax at 40%. Robert Thompson tells me quickest way to get swiss a/c is to buy more carbon credits in a German coal mine methane scheme. I am worried that they keep pushing for more money and always in a hurry. My view at mo is to say no to more investment and I will pay US tax if necessary - still a good return, if it ever happens! I still can't understand how they will be able to sell these credits at such an inflated price. All my research puts carbon credits at around $15 -$18/ton. The whole thing is decidedly fishy in my view and I wish I had never got involved, and yet I really hope it is for real!

I have also invested in Costa Rican Forrestry and am hoping to receive first thinning payment in July/August......Have also bought Adams Steel and Resource Polymers Carbon credits , I have also been asked to buy into the German coal mine methane scheme , of which I am holding back.... After investing in the resource Polymers deal I was told by Robert Thompson there would be no further demands for further investment to complete the deal !? ! I was also told about Swiss bank account , which I didn't like the sound of and mentioned I already hold a US $ account ... Yesterday I visited London to find the offices at St John Street were only a front and was give another address at 78 York Street London W1 , I turned up there to find a small office with 4 secretarial / admin staff , none of whom could tell me anything much.... the sales personnel Marcus , Hugh , Robert were not in !! Robert Thompson had promised all along that the deal would be wrapped up before the end of the first quarter ie end of March , I can't see that happening... He is a very difficult person to get hold of , always on an appalling line connection and is always rushing his conversation with insufficient explanation.... I Live in Hope !!

Hi everyone I have just been on the phone again with Robert , he has prmised me that the Polymer carbon credit certificate is currently in Hong Kong and that it will be with me imminently ,he said he will call me with a tracking number tommorrow ....... I hope ....., he is not in London now but in Canada and will be back to complete the deal , he has told me that if I don't get paid out neither does he ....... I am currently giving him a daily phonecall , he does reply most times.....WaTCH THIS SPACE......

Hi, I received planned call back from Robert yesterday and told him that I was not going to invest in the german methane or open a swiss account. I said if I end up paying US withholding tax, then so be it. I will still have made a good return on my investment. He was eventually fine with this, said it was my choice and made little difference to him. I do have both my certificates from Adam steel and Resource Polymer. Robert tells me he will be in touch in about 2 weeks to give me instructions to realise the sale. We'll see. As with others comments, RT is always on a bad line and always in a hurry - but thinking about it, Hugh and Marcus both rushed their pitch, difficult to get a word in edgeways! If this goes belly up I'll submit it as a script for Hustle!

Hi I am encouraged that you have received your resource polymer certificate "seaview" , I still haven't had the call back from Robert that he promised me nor have I received the certificate , Have you been told what happens to finalise the deal ? Do we have to relinquish the certificates before being paid out ? I would sooner pay the US witholding tax if it comes to it . If this whole venture is a big " Con " they sure have made it incredibly complex and elaborate , one of Roberts quotes " its all about mergers and aquisitions" , please keep in touch , it seems to help a little comparing notes !!

Hi Southernframer, Robert tells me that in a couple of weeks he will call me to arrange the sale. I will need to sign to sell on the reverse of the certificates, witnessed by my bank manager. Then Robert, at his expense, is going to arrange a courier to pick up the certificates. I will be given a receipt. I think that is that, I sit back and wait for the money to arrive in my bank account. I'm guessing I will have to give an account no for them to t'fer funds to. He has told me these credits will be sold for $53. Is that what you've been told?

Hi Seaview , I have also been told $ 53 unit price for sale , but I was also told that the deal would be completed before year end 6/4/11 and that I could decide if I wanted payment before or after the tax year end ...I still haven't been able to speak to Robert since Thursday , when I mentioned to him that I was becoming uneasy about the whole affair..... Have you had any emails or anything in writing from GGS.....?

I am very very suspicious about this whole GGS idea. I think it is a scam and I haven't seen or heard anything to convince me otherwise. I sort of written off my investment. I considered contacting ActionFraud but I guess you have to be a victim first. How do you prove you are a victim? If I listened to JoeEasedale who said: "If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck - its a duck" when I researched this investment I would have been a richer man. I thought if UpMyStreet advertised this company it would be a safe bet but it was misleading. Good luck with the credits!!

Did anyone buy a new plot or was it all "5 year old" plots coming up for harvesting?

Hi , The plot I bought back in Jan 2010 was planted in1994 with a fairly major harvest due Aug/Sept this year , there after every 4 years.... at the time they talked about the possibilities of the plot being utilised somehow for carbon credits .... yesterday I spoke with someone else in the compliance team - Geoff Payne - in Norfolk.....he seemed helpful in chasing up my carbon credit certificate from Global Choice in Hong Kong , said hed call back next day or so with further news..... Still no call back from Robert Thompson though ......

Hi all, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed! I have to say it was only because I had already received my first thinning payment on teak that I became involved in these blasted carbon credits! However if it is a scam all the ladies who answer the phones and deal with compliance seem very nice and sound very plausible. As one of you said, if it is a scam it is very long winded and involves a fair few people. I've not written my investment off just yet, but it will be very interesting to see what happens next. Keep posting all of you if you have further info or contact.

Hallo all. Looks like I have a very similar story to others - first an investment in the Costa Rican teak forest (a single five-year plot) and then subsequent investments in three succesive carbon credit schemes and a proposal to open a Swis Account in order to avoid US witholding taxes. I have had the certificate for the forestry but no first payment. Have received the certificates for the Adams Steel and Resource Polymers but awaiting the third for the German Methane Reduiction Portfolio. The certificates seem to be official but has anyone tried to confirm their legitimacy? The first project (Adams Steel) is certainly on the Markit Environmental Registry although of course that does not mean we have been sent legitimate certificates. I agree it seems to be a long-winded scam but I am now working on the basis that my investment is worth zero unless proved otherwise.

Folks If you have the Adams Steel certificate then you should have received an accompanying letter from Melina Valero (mvalero@solutionsl2i.com). This invites you to find out how to register your holding on markit.com. I haven't received my certificates for the Resource Polymer Inc and I couldn't find it on markit.com. Anyway, it is probably a good idea to try to register the holdings on markit.com. That way you find out if they are genuine and you have your name against your holding. Try this with the Resource Polymer Inc certificates too. I would like to see what the market price for both Adams Steel and Resource Polymer credits are. I don't know how to find this out. It seems to me that if you just send your certs to Robert Thompson (if that's his real name) and he just gets back 18 USD for them, or even less, and then disappears with the money, then he can't lose. So I would recommend insisting on the money first, or at least using some form of escrow account. I was reading Max Gunthers "The Zurich Axioms" the last couple of days. One bit of advice for a speculator is to be able to get out of a deal with something. I.E. with shares you can sell them even at a loss. With GGS you are entirely at their mercy. So hang on to those certificates, if they are worth anything, until you get "something" back for them. Last Friday I phoned GGS (02077887947) and was told by a young lady that "Robert Thompson was on another line". I did hear an American voice in the background, could be taped (yes I am paranoid now!). He didn't call back. So I rang back and talked to someone else, Mike Phillips (they can probably tell who is writing these blogs by what names you give!). Mike said that Robert Thompson was at that moment somewhere on a flight between Paris and New York. Fast work for twenty minutes! But you get paranoid when you know you are being lied to. I didn't twig until that nonsense about opening a Swiss bank account. The Resource Polymer deal has the money paid into HSBC bank Hong Kong. That is offshore enough. Anyway, I don't know what to make of this nonsense about some Mutual company wanting to buy the Adams Steel credits for 53 USD. And then it gets switched to Resource Polymer "because it is Resource Polymer who are buying up the Adams Steel". Have you heard these words?:-"Trust me, I'll look after you" Ha Ha!

Hi Has anyone progressed any further with Adama Steel and Resource Polymer Deal ? It seems to be stagnating to me , I still haven't had word from RT ! I still haven't recieved Resource Polymer certificate from Hong Kong Has anyone had any info on the next stage of the deal ? Has anyone gone ahead withthe German Methane credits ? Can anyone see any light at the end of the Tunnel ???

Almost everything I have read above also applies to me: 1. Bought into a 2005 teak plot in Costa Rica (was offered a new one but end point is too far away for me. This happened 2 years ago. 2. Bought again into 1994 plot (also in 2009). 3. Received first thinning payment of £2,120 last September or so. 4. In October got first call about Adams Steel carbon credits. Agreed to buy 5000 at $10.50. My contact then was a guy calling himself Marcus BELL, not Marcus Green. This is a bit worrying. I've even got emails and they clearly say Marcus Bell. 5. Got my certificates before Christmas incl the letter from that person at 2i. Checked out the issuing company, all seems correct, althought all paperwork could be fabricated. 6. Earlier this year bought into the Resource Polymer deal. No certificates yet. 7. Tried to buy even more and sent money to HK but that money was returned to me. RT said the Resource Polymer deal was oversubscribed and recommended I switch to the German Methane project. I already have my certificate for this from Carbon Trace Solutions. The latest situation is that RT sent me an email saying: "The current position is that we are awaiting the final delivery of all client´s certificates from the Transfer Agent. This is a necessity in order to cross reference all transactions completed by all purchasers. It is envisaged this will all be in place weekending 22nd April 2011." That date is Good Friday. I wonder if it will be good for us. RT generally does return my calls. I know he is never in their offices and that doesn't surprise me. I have always assumed they use an answering service but maybe they do have some people at the York St address. Their published address of 145-157 St John Street could be their registered address. It is also the address of: a) Westbury, a firm of chartered accountants b) A nominee company with thousands of comapies registered. c) various scams that have happened down the years. I am not so alarmed by this because scammers generally do use nominee companies and the nominee holder wouldn't know anything about it. I don't have a good feeling about this whole deal. Too much is a 'front'. The telephone number they call from is always withheld. Their emails just have a cut-and-paste logo. Their website doesn't identify anybody - could be anything, anywhere. Their email hosting service is something to do with Yahoo, so probably just a web account. I was also advised to open a Swiss bank account, probably to make us keep everything hush-hush. Can't believe I fell for $53 per credit. That should have told me something. Feeling a bit of a fool.

One other thing, I obtained a copy of the latest filed accounts (31 August 2009) on GGS from companies house. It contains a statement by a Chartered Accountant expressing NO OPINION on the financial statements. The reason given is that the Directors state that they consider the company exempt from a statutory audit. Turnover was not stated but the Net Assets of the company were only £36,156 and even that is just cash less a few debts and shares in issue of £1. A shell company if ever there was one. Their company secretary is Westco Nominees ltd Their directors are, wait for it, ... Westco Directors ltd; and their one and only named director is a lawyer from New Zealand with an address in Australia. The good news is that the companies activities are stated as 'forestry and logging'.

Anglian, How did you get on with your funds transfer to Vancouver? I also sent money this way in November but the funds went straight through and I got my certificates just before Christmas.

JohnASutton, Did you get paid as expected?

JohnJ2 We have similar stories to tell. I feel as if we should meet some of these characters before signing any settlement instructions. I think there is no chance of receiving a payout before handing over documents but I'm still not really clear on how the exit sequence works. Today DHL tried to deliver a package to me from HK so hopefully that will be the resource polymer certificates. Personally I'm up for a chinwag over a beer/coffee perhaps in London with other like minded investors. I'm in Surrey. Good luck all.

Discussing the deal with someone else sounds interesting........JohnJ2 please leave a contact and I ll call you.....South Surrey ... The next part of the deal is with TKG Aquisitions New York , they have taken over from GGS , this outfit seems to be a US Financial regulated business and seems much more organised and credible but there is still the requirement of a further investment in Gaunting Winds project , Beijing ... any comments anyone ??

Can I play too? As I was born in 1984 I usually carry a Book into which I can bury my Face. Sherlock Holmes solved this one in five minutes.

You can also find me where the mail is hot co.uk

There's never any news. I'm not even sure Global Green Services in London are handling this anymore. Their website has been taken down so now the link is via GGS SA in Costa Rica. I am due thinning payments in October this year. Maybe they are getting their excuses in early. How did you hear about the broken saw? Presumably you chasing someone in London for settlement?

Southernfarmer, leave a message with peterbigfish

Seems I have a similar story to many of you. I bought into the teak plantation in Costa Rica in Sept 2009 and was due a first payment in April 2010. In the event I was told there had been delays in the harvest due to weather conditions and would be due the payment upon the next harvest in the Autumn and that the payment was likely to be a little more than the estimate because of the later harvest. The following October, upon chasing, I did receive the payment. It was slightly lower than the original estimate but he fact that I got it was encouraging. I also have invested (if that's the right term) in the carbon credit scheme, starting with Adams Steel and then Resources Polymer. Having recently discovered this discussion thread I decided not to go for the German methane project, thinking to minimise my losses if it doesn't work out. If it does then I should (we all should) make handsome profits but I'm not counting any chickens...

I have also put money into the teak and Adams Steel/Resource Polymers. I was assured by Marcus Green that Global Green Services had a guaranteed buyer for the credits and that there would be a turnaround by the end of March... I have had no reply from them as to what is going on - apart from an e-mail form Robert Thompson advising me to have nothing to do with TKG. I should point out that Taylor Langton Associates, which appears to be a totally legit operation, was also promoting Adams Steel credits at the end of last year, so that part of the equation would appear to be genuine.

this forum is a bit too public. I set up a facebook page called peterbigfish. Lets post there. I will list my suspicions there

If anyone is close enough to Surrey then how about meeting in a public place such a town centre coffe shop or pub or something. I, for one, would like to share info, suspicions and action plans on this.

Call me naive but I've just twigged what's going on here. This is an identify theft scam, the carbon credits are just a diversion. Think about it, in order to get this far they have our name, address, telephone number, signature, passport number, utilility bills and probably other things. The last piece they need is bank account numbers and then they can clean us out. So what's the next stage? "Good news sir, everything's sorted so where do you want the money paid to?" This is a Nigerian scam, western style. I'm going to the police.

hello peterbigfish i mailed you from "caveman" about two hours ago 12.11, you'll find me on google, Ive tried facebook but being unfamiliar with it i cant find my way to your group. We need to confer. I have similar experiences and additional insights

"Caveman" has made contact. Would anybody else like to join in discussion on this? Mail to peterbigfish at hotmail co uk

PeterBigFish I am with you on the Identity theft idea. I cancelled my bank card and had a new one re-issued to ensure they don't run a payment through it again. The one organisation I could identify is ActionFraud.org.uk that might help. It looks like those interested in Carbon Credits got thinning payments.

There are now 5 of us in a group. If you can get to Surrey next wednesday at 6.15 pm then you could attend our gathering. There were two of us last night sharing information and working out important next steps. Don't worry if you have signed the 'NDA'. It isn't worth the paper its printed on, besides, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to.

Finally a modicum of good news, the Resource Polymer credits are real and genuine. I have had this confirmed in an email from one of the guys that signed my certificate. This project is listed on the Canadian Registry and here's the link http://www.ghgregistries.ca/cleanprojects/masterprojectdetails_e.cfm?pid=1007 I suspect the bad news, though I don't know how to confirm this, is that the credits are probably worth the square root of sod all.

I returned from holiday to a voice mail from TKG plus an email from them. The v/m said they were now dealing with the sale of my carbon credits and I needed to sign and return the emailed form. I have not done this yet and have had no follow up. The form is a secrecy declaration. But why should I have to sign such a form for an above board transaction? I have bought and sold lots of investments over the years and have never had to sign such a document before! I am waiting to ask the question when they next get in touch! I haven't been advised as yet by RT not to deal with TKG! I had also spotted an offer to buy carbon credits being marketed by Taylor Langdon Associates. They didn't name the issuing company, but the volumes and prices were exactly the same as Resource Polymer. On one occasion I asked Robert T who Taylor Langdon were and he said he did not know. I said 'but Robert, they are selling Resource Polymer at $18 each as a long term investment, no talk of a short term sale. He got very defensive and denied that anyone else was selling Resource Polymer as GGS were the only company with rights to deal in these credits. I tried to push him as I KNEW the figures were identical, but he just did not want to talk about it! I am unlikely to be able to meet with you guys in Surrey, but I will email Peterbigfish to ensure I am in the loop. We all seem to be at slightly different satges and so this exchange of info is vital. Incidently we have tonight transfered out most of the funds sitting in the bank account we originally used to pay for these damn things. Don't want to close the account at this stage, if I do need to give bank details for a transfer of 'sale proceeds' I want to be able to offer an empty a/c no! It's all pretty frightening really and I only hope you guys are wrong. Time will tell!

Has anyone heard from Thompson or Lawson in the last couple of days? It's gone very quiet. Lawson said he'd ring back midweek and I've heard nothing. Wouldn't surprise me if they've cleared out their desks and scarpered. I followed PeterBigFish's link and I see the project there for the first time. I thought these credits were supposed to be verified and ready for sale but it doesn't look like it.

I got an email at work on Thursday from GGS Client Services, saying I should have received my certificates by now. But it also mentions an email dated 1st April. Does anyone have that email? I haven't.

I am an investor in GGS..small amount about 1 year ago. Contacted subsequently by the affable Marcus Bell and bought carbon credits after doing all the "due diligence" I could which included talking to the managing director of Adams steel in Annaheim CA. Seemed all ok and I now hold a certificate that looks authentic for carbon credits. Had a call from Robert Thomson few months ago telling me of a "deal" with a big American Mutual that would buy all our credits at a remarkable value if he could get a sufficiently high number of them..did I want more. Usual problems with the line that had a delay which made normal conversation impossible..asked to talk to Marcus but he wasn't available. Declined offer to buy more credits. I phoned GGS subsequently for an update on the deal and RT called back.. "all is underway with the deal..just need last few clients to receive their carbon credit certificates". He said they would then be collecting them all together, complete the deal, deduct their 5% trading commission and the money would be paid. GGS staff said Marcus was "off on paternity leave". email received few days ago from Robert Thompson saying TKG were nothing to do with GGS and not to do business with them. Only too aware of the well reported scam potential of carbon credits..but equally aware that a market for them does exist. The bottom line is we have bought invisible odourless gas credits in good faith!

For anyone who might still believe that TKG Acquisition really exists take a look at this website: http://www.chsonline.com/index.html whilst on the home page wait a few seconds and then see if you recognise any of the pictures ...

I have invested into this and am having a terrible time with them avoiding any form of communication. Should have had a thinning harvest last September but no word or any kind of payment. After a lot of chasing I was advised that the harvest had been delayed until February / March due to lack of growth. Have recently enquired as to how the harvest went and still await a response. Starting to believe it was a scam.

I phoned Global Green admin for info/progress. Apparently an email was sent out recently. I did not receive it and have still not. Robert Thompson did return my call but could only tell me that he has signed a non-disclosure agreement and cannot say any more than that somebody (implicitly someone other than Global Green) would be in touch. Pressed on a timescale he would only say that it's happening on "a day to day basis"- might be tomorrow or end of the week. Any other information out there?

Hi, I got a plot with GGS in 2009.Last year GGS called saying that my first return was due. They offered me more investments. I declined. I have not received any money as yet. I believe this is a scam.Has anyone gone to the police?

Hello all I also bought some 2005 plots in 2009 and last year I got paid some thinnings proceeds. At the time Marcus Bell was offering up the carbon credit scheme and I mentioned I might invest thinnings money were I to receive some. In the end I decided to keep the proceeds upon receipt and not invest. Does anybody know if the timber deed is genuine and valuable regardless of whether GGS services remains in business or not - is it actually worth anything i.e. is it the genuine article? If so, would we be able to deal direct with Madera Viva or perhaps another management company. Has anyone any knowledge of any brokers who could sell these plots for us? I for one cannot believe quite how naive I've been, caught on the hop I guess during the carnage of early '09. I'm hoping now that this is not an expensive lesson... For the record has anybody dealt with Peter Michaels or Richard Stanton?

The carbon credits scheme was a scam. The investors received letters from the police to confirm they have been conned. The Global Green Services telephone line only has a message and the website is not working anymore. I am pretty sure the teak investment is also a scam. I haven't heard anything from the Police yet, but I think there is a letter in the post...

Hi, I now believe the Teak investment is a scam. Reading the postings some of you have been in contact with the Police.Can you let me know which Police department is involved?The least I can do to prevent this happening to someone else is to make a report.