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Are pensioners (husband and wife) able to claim Tax Credits if the husband is still working as self employed and receiving pension credit?

Husband's State Pension for 2012/13 = £7,000 Wife's Pension for 2012/13 = £4,000 Husband's Self Employment Income for 2012/13 = £3,000


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Pension Credits are intended to top up low incomes to £11,546.60 per year for a couple. Your joint income is £14,000 so you shouldn't get Pension Credits. Mike

MikeGG1, they were asking whether they would be eligible for Tax Credits, not Pension Credit which I assume they are already receiving. I, personally, don't know the answer, but I would certainly be interested in knowing the answer.

For a couple with only one working, the requirement for Working Tax credit is to be doing paid work for at least 24 hours per week, which is 1248 hours per year, or 16 hours (832) if over 60. Both would be over 60 to be in receipt of state pension. As the self-employed income is only £3,000 I presume that means less than the criteria as otherwise it would mean less than £3.60 per hour. The maximum income would be OK as it is £18,000. The other Tax Credit is Child Tax Credit and I presume that they are not eligible for that. Mike