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Sainsburys Offer on Solar Panels

We expect to move out of our house - anno domini - in about 10 years. We have some money from an annuity. In view of recent concerns on energy prices we would like to invest some of that in the house to keep its value up. The house is 35 years old but otherwise all up to date and insulated. Provided we keep it neat, then -would solar panels probably cut our running costs and add appeal to buyers? -would the Sainsburys offer mean we had a good name behind our sale? There are too many John Wayne Solar Panel vans round our area. -would a wood burner do the same, add buyer appeal and help energy costs? Plenty of wood round here, plus it is a strategic source should our gas/electric break down We are trying to balance some lower bills with buyer appeal in the future


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I personally hate the appearance of solar panels on roofs and would not consider buying a house that has them. I like the traditional appearance of slate or tiled roofs but the main problem with them is that they are not symmetrical. You find in a row of houses that some have more panels than others or they are different shades of blue/dark grey and overall they mess up the appearance of a neighbourhood. We have been recently scouting round for a new home and something that has become apparent is that the house across the road sees more of your solar panels (if they are installed on the front) than you do. If a prospective buyer like us comes to view the house across the road they will see your solar panels and be put off, thus blighting another property as well. Wood burners are good because not only are they popular but being inside they do not offend anyone who does not like them. We do have a woodburner and would never go back to a gas fire. A burner is much more fun !

I have solar panels, I save money on my electric and every 3 months I get a nice cheque for all the electric I have returned to the grid. I would rather look at solar panels that do not make a noise. than live in an area that has yappy dogs noisy kids and very loud music is played

The problem with solar panels is that they are too much of a colour contrast with normal roofing tiles. If you can hide them then all well and good. However, I also have the problem that I have a fully hipped roof and they don't seem to make triangular panels. They would stand out very considerably on my roof with its orange continental tiles. Mike

Personally I would really consider a house with solar panels. To me it would show that the householder has done as much as possible to insulate their house along with probably keeping up on other aspects of maintenance. Also, whoever moves into the house will have the benefit of the feed in tariff from whenever they were installed, and, not least, benefit from massively reduced fuel bills. I think we need to recognise that whilst solar panels may not be aesthetically pleasing to some people they demonstrate a neighbourhood where people are willing to invest in their houses with the long term, a row of houses with satellite dishes doesn't quite do the same and that, in my opinion, makes these a horrendous eyesore. Further a wood burner is great and many people will be attracted by it. But, speaking as someone with a wood burning stove in my kitchen, whilst they are great they don't get used on a daily basis, some people love them, some see them as a hassle. I'll be looking for a new house in the next couple of years, and would love to find one with solar panels. I'd put them on my house now if I could, but the roof space isn't big enough. My parents have them already and save so much money! Good luck TQ

Just as long as you aren't doing it to save the planet. Unfortunately, the Chinese have cornered the market for the manufacture of the panels because they do not dispose of the waste ethically like we have to in Europe. The waste contains some highly toxic chemicals and metals. Mike

There may be people who do not like solar panels but I have a solar installation and it regularly generates 4KW per hour on bright days AND because I have a fixed payment to my dual fuel supplier I am regularly in credit. The supplier then pays a 3% interest rate on credit balance. That is better than any bank account that I know of! So I am getting free electricity and 3% on any credit. O.K. so I am not keen on the colour but then I am more keen on the colour of the money these days.....

I would buy a house with either solar panels or a wood burner. Both will put some buyers off but at the end of the day, both can be removed by any potential buyer if they *REALLY* don't like it. It is similar to a hideous bath suite in terms of cost of removal.

I want my house to be as simple and maintenance free as possible. I would not contemplate these panels, and especially if there is a lease of the roof to a third party. I want my house to be totally my own. Anyway, getting your cost back in 10 years is just ridiculous. Does the inverter last that long, as they cost 1000 pounds.

Solar pv is not just an eyesore but it is also pushing-up the price of electricity for the majority of people and businesses alike thus it also pushes-up prices. The feed-in-tariff is way above the market price per kwh you pay through your supplier for energy from coal and gas fired power plant. The 97% who have not got solar pv are paying to subsidise those who have. It is completely unprincipled to fit solar pv. It takes over 20 years to make a return anyway with the dull days and short daylight hours in the UK. I recommend you check the Met Office website for average hours of sun in your part of the UK and do your sums before wasting your money on the solar scam.

I agree with sciencegrad and strongly suspect most people do not have solar pv becuase it is long-pay-back, subsidy-sucking and ugly (makes your house look like a greenhouse). I really fail to see why wood burners get any following at all. It is much easier to have gas central heating at the touch of the thermostat.

It is too early to tell as yet, but I expect those who have rented out their roof could well have difficulty in selling in the future. I wouldn't want to buy in the circumstances. Mike