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22 February 2013

Sainsburys Offer on Solar Panels

We expect to move out of our house - anno domini - in about 10 years. We have some money from an annuity. In view of recent concerns on energy prices we would like to invest some of that in the house to keep its value up. The house is 35 years old but otherwise all up to date and insulated. Provided we keep it neat, then -would solar panels probably cut our running costs and add appeal to buyers? -would the Sainsburys offer mean we had a good name behind our sale? There are too many John Wayne Solar Panel vans round our area. -would a wood burner do the same, add buyer appeal and help energy costs? Plenty of wood round here, plus it is a strategic source should our gas/electric break down We are trying to balance some lower bills with buyer appeal in the future

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