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Is anyone trading using RBS DirectTrader Software Program?

I have been looking at different share trading brokerage accounts and RBS Direct Trader seems to be a good option. How do others find this facility?


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I wsa previously trading through RBS Direct Trader, however because of the frequency I was trading I have sinced changed to another broker, x-o (www.x-o.co.uk) the reason being that they are much cheaper per trade so more cost effective for my situation. RBS Direct Trader is still a good broker but I would look at how often you are going to trade and compare this factor with the numerous options available before signing up. I have increased my net profit margin significantly from doing this and changing brokerage based on what suits myself.

Thanks tomgetrich - x-o is definately a broker that I have been looking at too. They seem to be pretty competitive in terms of their pricing as you say. Is there any sacrifice in quality however from going for a cheaper cost broker? ie can they still buy and sell at the same price as a bigger broker or do you lose out at the time of the transaction in terms of the actual price per share?