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How can I stop junk texts on my mobile

Recently I have started to get loads of junk texts on my mobile, from the likes of loan companies, PPI chasers, accident claims companies etc. Sometimes they arrive in the middle of the night! I never give out my mobile number on any personal details, so I don't know where these companies have got my number from. It must be on a list though. How do I get it removed? (I never respond to the texts btw.)


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I would love to know the answer to this. Whilst abroad we kept getting texts (mostly PPI) which used up a lot of our credit. We're on PAYG and it doesn't go far when out of the country. It's very annoying!

Your service provider can do something, I am pretty sure that there must be a 'do not disturb' (DND) option which can be activated. I've read about it but not sure if it can be selective or if it screens ALL text messages. It's worth speaking to your service provider, though. Some people tell you to reply 'STOP' to the text but I think all that will achieve is to confirm it's a valid number, because they are generated randomly, I believe.

Forward your spam text to 7726 (SPAM). It will not stop the texts, but if everyone forwarded their texts and complain, then hopefully the leaches will get shut down. 87726 - Vodafone 37726 - Three See also: Martin Lewis: how to stop spam texts - Telegraph www.telegraph.co.uk › Finance › Personal Finance › Consumer Tips 17 Apr 2012 – The money-saving expert explains how to stop those pesky spam texts ... Orange and T-mobile are 7726, Vodafone 87726 and Three 37726, ...

How about a big lovemoney.com database of companies who spam, that can be searched by boycotters of spammers while looking for PPI, loans etc? If companies realise that their marketing message is actually alienating potential clients they will soon stop, or at least seriously do the maths. Even renault eventually realised that alienating half the car-buying public in order to boot sales to women was a bad strategy...

I have had this same experience with spam PPI, 'unlock your pension' 'have you had an accident?' type texts and I forwarded the offending texts to 7726 as suggested by @gandalf74. Apparently 30,000 have been reported in the last 6 months. I also called my provider 'Orange' about it but strangely they told me they had no record of my having received texts on the dates I gave (I had logged the dates and subjects of the texts). The texts I received did not mention any company name which I believe is illegal.

Firstly @caz769, if you are being charged for receiving texts then I would seriously consider changing your provider! You should not be charged for receiving a text message, only if you send one, even if you are overseas, PAYG or not. Now back to topic - I have a macro set up on my iphone, but you can do it any way you want, manually if you wish. First of all, ensure that your phone is registered with the telephone preference service (www.tpsonline.org.uk). Then when you receive a message (or phone call), you just inform them that the number is registered with that website and if the texts or calls continue you will report them to the Information Commissioner. It is as simple as that. They have to remove you, otherwise they are in breach of the Data Protection Act, which will land them in a lot of trouble. I have found that by sending this message immediately following a text like this, it nips it in the bud. I don't get as many now. The exact message I send is: [I]This number is registered with tpsonline.org.uk. Cease and desist or you will be reported to the Information Commissioner.[/I] Also, I know that Android phones now have a text blocking app but I'm not sure what it's called. Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone for your replies. My old phone is not a smart phone, with O2 as the provider. I actually suspect O2 is the company which has sold my number! Got more texts today for life insurance - aarrgh. Thought I was registered with TPS. I'll register again, and follow up the 7726 route. Deep sigh....

I think the way forward is to reply to the message saying that future messages/calls will be charged at a flat rate of £10 per message or per minute (and part thereof) and if they tell you otherwise refer then to the recent small claims case where the victim was awarded over £200 for wasted time. I personally ask them where they got my details from, quoting the freedom of information act. It seems every damned company sells huge amounts of phone numbers to each other all because a check box was unticked/ticked on some form or another.

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