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Could anybody explain my new direct debit payments from EDF?

Just received my new direct debit payments based on my usage, price increases and current debt, obviously they have gone up and I will be reviewing my options at the end of my contracted period, but what confuses me is that I have a £5.87 electricity debt for which they have added £3.00 to my direct debit amount but I have a £27.62 gas debt for which they have added £2.00. Cant understand why it's a bigger amount for a lower debt.


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I suspect that they have added an extra quarter to your electricity debt to get that £3. Mike

It's monthly direct debit so for the electric they are adding £36 pounds over next 12 months to deal with a £5.87 debt as the estimated usage over next year is covered by the other part of the direct debit total, £24 over next 12 months for a £27.62 gas debt seems more on the mark. Sorry Mike didn't understand your answer.

It could be a question of timing. The payment dates may not be the same and they may have added a monthly payment instalment or allowed for extra usage. Why not ask them? We don't have enough information. Mike

You have all the information that I have regarding the calculation of the direct debit amount, yes I can ask them but I thought someone may have been in a similar situation and already asked which means I can avoid a call where I might be on hold etc. Isn't that what this site is for?

And I called and was put on hold and gave up, they haven't answered my emails re being unable to access the online system so they are out when my 12 month contract is up in January.