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Protected Capital Growth Accounts?

I've just been talking to my current ISA provider who was giving me information on a Protected Capital Account They say I can use it like an ISA for tax free savings the term is 6yrs and you have to invest a minimum of £3k returns 18% protected with the chance of it growing to 48% which I know is very unlikely due to it being linked to the FTSE100. Given that the chance of the FTSE being +6 half the time would this work out as a better investment than a fixed rate ISA - I've seen advice from previous years saying it's not worth it but with ISA rates so low is it now?


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Hi, A return of 18% over six years far exceeds the top-paying fixed-rate Cash ISA at present. But I'd read the small print carefully - a quick look around various Protected Capital Accounts shows an average rate of around 6% if the FTSE doesn't rise. Is it 18% over the term or 18% divided up over the period? If it's the latter, and the FTSE doesn't incease sufficiently, you're looking at a real rate of return of something in the region of 3%, well below the top fixed-rate Cash ISAs. I'd ask some questions before committing. Best wishes Simon