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24 July 2011

Paypal dispute problems

I sold an anti ageing serum on eBay. It was won by someone in Germany who at the time the auction closed agreed on the £12 international postage price by air sure with insurance and tracking. After the sale ended the buyer emailed me to say the postage was too much the German post office had said it would cost £5 I emailed her back and said as it was an expensive item i always prefered to send it registered and insurance and said I could do this if she agreed that I could not be held responsible for items lost in the post, she agreed. All emails were through eBay. I posted the item regular first class mail to German and 10 days later get a mail to say a paypal dispute had been opened due to non recipt. Of course if did not have a tracking number but I had proof of postage to germany. Within 3 days papypal upheld the dispute in the buyers favourand refunded her. I have checked on the royal mail website which says international postage can be delayed up to 25 days after which the item can be considered as lost. Paypal refunded the buyer on the 13th day after postage and ignore the fact I have an email were she accepts I am not responsible for items lost in the post if posting at a lower price than the one she agreed at when she won the item in the auction. Knowing this the buyer also mentioned in the dispute she suspected I had sold one item twice and as she had noted on my feedback an identical item I had sold and posted to another seller was received and this seller left glowing feeback. Paypal have decided in the buyers favour solely based on the fact no tracking number can be provided despite what I have mentioned above. My paypal account is now frozen and I have been debited for £90 and lost the item too. Oh and eBay and paypal charges still stand. Bet the buyer has the item to any advice on how I can persue this? Do I have any rights what so ever?

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