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Has anybody made any investments with a company called Westhorpe Capital in Hong Kong and to know whether they are legitimate?

I've bought shares in Adam Steel & CoolPass


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Sorry, I don't understand the web site. I'm not looking for a loan, it was to find out if anybody had any dealings/invested with a company called Westhorpe Capital in Hong Kong and if they could advise as to whether they are a legitmate company.

i have purchased two lots of carbon credits and have all the certificates to go with them one from cool pass the other from carbon trace solutions which i am about to sell with them if any body knows if this company are not legit please reply

Westhorpe have recently been in contact to get me to buy into Carbon Trace Solution - Bundled Wind Project. With this purchase they tell me I can have a sale in the next month or two.

Hi Lindsayford, can you tell me the person that you spoke to regarding your sale. When is your sale likely to be?

I bought carbon credits from them twice,got the certificates and they looked legit,assumed everything was fine,but the last time i spoke to James Bell,the sales rep i brought up my fears of online scamming,he reassured me they were not and said he would call in two weeks,that was two months ago,have not heard from them since.

Hi Morganog, I also have spoken to James and also a Peter Grey, for which I bought shares in carbon credits. How long have you had your investments and has anybody mentioned of when you might be able to sell? I do now that when I spoke to Peter last he did say James was away in USA.

I can find little about them apart from their own website. I note that they are governed under Hong Kong Chinese Law. They claim to advise institutions and high net worth individuals, but nobody I have come across has heard of them. I presume they called you from HONG KONG, ie outside UK juristiction. The carbon trading market was recently suspended due to 'financial problems'. I am unsure if it has started trading again. After over 14 years in the investment business I can assure you that there are no get rich quick schemes. If you get your money back think yourself lucky. Sorry not to be more reassuring but I have never understood why anyone would buy an investment from someone who called out of the blue. I am perfectly legit, fully licensed and registered with the FSA etc etc and this kind of investor behaviour is beyond belief. I have had to clean up client's affairs before after they have bought 'investments' over the phone. Don't let this put you off investing in the future. Poeple do make money, but next time get proper advice and be prepared for the long haul. Good Luck.

Plumbster. I have just looked at a number of your posts. You are obviously interested in investing in green or ethical investments. There are plenty of good big companies who offer such funds based in the UK. Obviously, I am not allowed to recommend any without giving 'advice' which i won't do without a proper consultation but If you check this link: http://www.yourethicalmoney.org/investments/ you may find it helpful.

It is unclear from the comments if Westthorpe Capital is legit. I have worked in HK for our government in the past and I would recommend you contact the British Embassy in HK. Initially you need to contact their "Commercial Section" and they will be able to make enquires locally on your behalf. Previously thsi service was free, but with the cuts in mind they may make a small charge so establish this before anything. Chances are they will be regulated by our equivalent of FSA if legit. Hope this helps.

Hi, I was wondering if Westhorpe Capital were legit aswell. I have bought some shares in carbon credits and the sale was supposed to be done by 20th June but they keep on changing their dates and are now promising a sale in the next few weeks. I have been promised a phone call every week to discuss the sale but they haven't call in 2 weeks. I am getting sick and tired of chasing them up now. Has anyone else had the same experience with them at all?

I too was told the 20th and now been told it will be 2 or 3 weeks. Who was it that spoke to you about a sale?

Hi plumbster, I initially spoke to Stuart Gray, then a week later Peter Gray took over my account. A few weeks later it was James Bell which lasted a few months until William Black took over my account because he was the "Head of Sales" and recently I have been passed to a guy called Andrew ( I can't remember his last name) I feel I have been passed pillar to post and nothing has been done in terms of a sale and when they say they will call they never do until I chase them up by phoning and emailing. Its sooooo fustrating!! I just want to get a sale asap!!

Hi Summerfruit, can we stay in touch to let each other now of any possible sale. When did you last speak to Andrew and has there been any suggestion of a sale date. Who did you buy your Carson credits with? Was it coolpass & Adam Steel!

Sure that sounds like a good idea, can we PM on this site? It's a shame I have just finalized my compansation claim and was thinking to invest that also.

Hi summerfruit, I've just tried speeking to them and the line is dead. We have been scammed!

Hi plumbtser Did the number ring?

Hi Summerfruit, The first time I rang the line was dead. I then tried a little later in the day and the phone did ring, but no answer.

Hi plumbster, I have just rung them now and got throught to reception/switchboard. Andrew or William are going to give me a call back asap but only God knows when that will be!!! Another thing is that our money has not gone through to them - its with our investment projects ie Coolpass and Adam Steel in your case.

Hi Summerfriut, please let me know how your conversation with them goes. Hopfully it might not be bad news after all.

Hi Plumbster they called back and wanted to arrange a call next week. I suggest you also send an email to the info address.

Thanks Summerfruit. I've sent an e-mail this morning hoping that they get back in contact with me. Out of interest have you been investing with Weasthorpe for long, and have they mentioned of your buying any more carbon credits to get you out of this suggested next sale.

sorry about delay,forgot to check this,i purchased first lot of credits in december,started off with stuart gray,then was dealing with james Bell,he said stuart was in New york,bought another lot around two months ago as i had received the certificates and everything seemed ok with fist ones. But last time james bell rang was when he was trying to sell some more and i mentioned my fears of online scamming and he reassured me they were not,he didn't convince me and no suprise have not heard from him since despite saying he'd call again and all my emails to company requesting him or someone to contact me. I have emailed Coolpass to try verify my certificate serial number,so il wait and see

Hi Guys any updates??

Hi Summerfruit, Still waiting on my call back, however I have been away for a few days. Have they come back to you?

Anybody with further news? I've been told to sit tight and be patient, for how much longer though.

Guys, Why is no one messaging? I've been trying to contact WC and the line is unavilable again. Also, checked with SFC and they have told me that WC are not located at their Hong Kong address.

I emailed WC sveral times on: info@westhorpecapital.com. No response. I emailed WC sveral times on: corp@westhorpecapital.com. Undeliverable message. I called WC yesterday: Switchboord answered. However could not get to Andrew Thomas or William Black. Promissed to email and get back in 15 minutes. Stil waiting. I called WC today: Telephone nmumber unavailable. Not sure what to make out of all this. Reading the previous posts it appears that we have all been in contact with the same people: Peter Gray, James Bell, Andrew Thomas and William Black. In the same sequence. We have all been asked for investment on more than one occasion. We were all promissed quick turnover. None of us had any sale yet. I was last called on 04th May with a request for further invesment for 04th time which I clearly refused before I see any return. I also expressed my concerns about their credibility. Loss of contact since. The only reassuarance I have is that I can stil log on the corresponding websites and the CC's I purchased are stil registered under my name. How do we go about it? Any idea? Anyone of you based in HK?

I have just come across your postings when searching for details about trading carbon credits. I have bought quite a few over the past nine months via a company called Brookes Associates also based in Hong Kong. One time when I tried calling HK I got a Spanish answerphone! The last contact I had was in May with a Canadian called Andrew Thomas. His last email to me also had the name William Black on it. Strange that these two individuals are working for both Brookes and Westhorpe Capital. My previous contacts at Brookes have been John Drake, Michael Salmon and James Hedges. Do you know if the certificates from Cool Pass or Green Chain are worth anything? I have read that the Chicago Carbon Exchange has been sold and closed down. I think I have resigned myself that this is a scam and have lost my money.

Hi Guys...We all are scamed..i have also purchased carbon credits from WC for coolpass and adam steel and dealt with the same guys in the same order....i havent heard from them since may and now there phone number is not working...also i have been contacted by city of london police economic crime department who have filed a criminal case against two british men for conspiracy to defraud who it seems are involved in this scam...so lets see what happens...

Just checked my coolpass vers and they checked out...you can check yours at www.cpiregistry.com by clicking in the login box on the top right hand corner... i have also checked markit.com for adam steel and they checked out aswell...im going to send them a letter requesting them to add me to their public registry....im thinking if these certificates are legit can we try to sell them ourselves rather than waiting for WC

Hi everyone. I have been phoning round different companies to try and sell my VERs but they all say that the amounts I have are too small as they only work with millions of metric tonnes and not the hundreds of metric tonnes that I have purchased. So is anyone alse interested in pooling together our VERs and resources so that we can build up a substantial amount of credits and sell them to get something back at least? Please let me know and we can set up for e.g. google mail for accounts to contact eachother as it is more private. thanks

I just wonder if WC had the same problem. All along the line we were told that the buyer wants larger amount of credits therefore we need to buy more in order to sell. Perhaps our non-compliance was contributing factor? In any case I can not explain the loss of contact. Technical problems? Who knows. Has anyone been offered or bought carbon Credits from : Green Choice Limited / Immudia Coal Mine Methane? Is the certificate genuine? How do you verify it? If non of you had contact with WC and are all convinced that we have been left on our own we should consider pooling together. Keep me posted.

I too have been contacted by DC 678 Carl Dempsey of the City of London Police and they have said that that during their investigation they have found documentation with my name and address on! The banks they are investigating are Wells Fargo Bank, US Bank, Bank of the West, and HSBC Bank of USA. The companies they are investigating are: Hampton Capital Management Incorporated, Pacific Capital Resources Group LLC, Fidelity Capital management LLC, North Pacific Escrow LLC, North American Charter Incorporated, and North Pacific Charter LLC. The police have requested that I do not discuss my investments with other potential victims as this is for legal reasons and to prevent contamination of evidence. If you want to get in contact with the police about your investments then phone 020 7601 2222 and ask to speak to someone in the Money Laundering Investigation Unit.

I have some Green Choice VER's bought through Brookes Assciates, as well as more from CoolPass. I have in total 2000 tonnes and would be prepared to pool resources and at least get back my initial investment. If one of you are setting something up then please keep me informed. Thanks Incindentally my name appeared on a list the city of london police had but as I didn't lose any money (it was refunded by the recipient bank) they didn't want to talk to me. I still have a live phone number for Brookes Associates but despite promises Andrew Thomas has not returned my calls.

Hi pjh99 please remove your personal email address as it is not safe and i will be in contact with you shortly. if there is anyone else who would like to pool together then please say so as after next week my husband and I are going to get a move on things. thanks

Hi summerfruit I am in a very similar situation and would be interested in pooling together. Please let me know how I can contact you. Fingers crossed we can sort something out! Thanks

Hi everyone,have just found this site so here is my input. I bought 400 credits from westhorpe late last year. I was contacted again early this year saying they had a buyer but I would need to increase my holding to 1000 credits and the buyer would pay $26.00 per tonne. I declined.I then contacted the eqivalent of the Hong Kong fsa who emailed me back saying they were not registered and I should not deal with them. I then emailed Coolpass and they rang me back one evening saying I would need to sell through one of their agents. he also suggested I would be better off waiting until the end of 2011 when a large part of the usa would come on line. I do have a certificate and it is registered with Coolpass.I was again contacted by Westhorpe just over a week ago and they said they again have a buyer who wants to buy everything but I would need to keep it quiet from Coolpass. They were going to ring last week and go over the details. i did not have time to speak so I did not answer. I have not been contacted in the last few days. I would also be interested in pooling my credits. It also might be worth contacting Coolpass and ask for a list of their agents, they might have one in the U.K, i will try and do that this week but feel free if you have spare time ( without prejudice)

Hi Summerfruit Just come across your site Yes i would be interested in pooling my credts i have invested with Westhorpe under coolpass,cts, Inmudian coal mine methane,North American charter inc, LGT,Green Choice. I came across Westhorp Capital through a Geen Chip Marketing web site. I have spoken to all the guys that you have. will Keep in touch regards Fireflyx5

Hi everyone, i have made some inquiries into companies that may be able to help in selling our vers on our behalf. I have to contact a guy from another brokerage next week and will let you know how I get on. Please note that this site may be monitered so please be careful in what is said. regards

Hi Summerfruit Pooling sounds like a good idea. I will also be interested in pooling my vers.. atleast get my initial investment back...Just let me know how you are proposing to do it. I have 100 vers in coolpass and 200 in adam steel... regards

Hi, In a way i am pleased i am not the only one who has had the same dealings with WC . This is what i think. First off i dont think we have been robbed yet, I believe they are based in Hong Kong i have, like you guys been promised so much and then passed round through all their agents,they had to lie and promise us this great deal, but Coolpass is legit, the only problem is when can we see any profits and that wont be until 18/24 months ,however as someone said if we all pool are certificates together Coolpass might be interested,

Maybe not robbed but certainly swindled! I have just had a request from L2I Financial Solutions asking me to register my 1000 ferti-val VERS with the CSA Standards of Canada so that they can be listed properly in my name. After talking to L2I it seems that my VER's were bought for US50c each by Avalon Consulting of Zurich (untraceable) who requested that they be transferred to me. I thought I had bought them from Brookes Associates of HK. I paid much more than that for them. They are legitimate VER's and can be sold onto companies that need to buy carbon credits, but most companies will buy them through recognised traders. L2I aren't in a position to help me, but would be prepared to offer advice of a technical nature.

I purchased carbon credits (like many investors from the UK.)from a company called (Abberley Capital) who were operating from Hongkong,they also dissappeared in May of this year. . My carbon credits are also held by"Coolpass" in New-York.who I contacted to make sure they held my carbon credits and to make sure they",Coolpass"were still operating. Reading your blogs it could suggest that these scammers are known to each other considering they all vanished at the same time. These are some of thier names,Roger Miller,James Madison,and recently Andrew Thomas ,who claims to be the new Director of the none existant Abberley I hope my information may be of help ,I myself is sitting here wonder what my next step should be to try and recoup my investment. I will be following this site to see if other "Abberley" investers come forward.(safety in numbers). Best wishes Tugboat. I

Hi Summerfruit Just wondering how you have got on with your research into selling your vers. Regards Fire fly

Hi Everyone Have just come across these comments. I think I have also been conned into buying carbon credits. I was initially called by a guy called James Morgan from Abberley Capital based in Hong Kong promising good returns in the near future. Subsequently called by Charles Banks (Corporate Director) who allegedly moved to another task for Abberley in April, then William Blake (Director of Sales) who was 'standing in' for Charles Banks, and finally in May dealt with Andrew Thomas (a Canadian who is supposed to be their Director of Trading). Promises of good returns on the back of corporate sales from companies who Abberley deal with inc. Goldmann Sachs and other Banks etc who are allegedly falling over themselves to buy credits right now.(promises of up to $30+ per credit !!) Foolishly bought credits from CoolPass and Carbon Trace Solutions. Would be happy now if I could just get back somewhere near my initial investment. Interested in possible pooling to facilitate a sale. Regards Saddler

Hi everyone, I have bought carbon shares from cool pass and adam steel through WC by a man called James Bell, well spoken and knew what he is about. I checked their website etc. My shares were bought last Sept and I invested in 7 other companies. I was promised that my shares will be sold by Andrew Thomas and I am still waiting. THIS IS A BIG BIG SCAM.

After having no success in getting hold of Andrew Thomas of 'Brookes Associates', out of the blue he contacted me last Friday. Still very up beat about selling the carbon credits. Says he will contact me on Monday (22nd Aug) which he actually did and talked about him opening an offshore bank account for me before the credits are sold. Claims that the profit being so large would be better invested abroad to avoid paying Capital Gains Tax. I am not sure I would trust them to open the account. If I ever do get any cash for the credits I would rather the money come back to my UK account and I would be happy to pay the tax. He said he would call me back the next day to talk further about this, but regrettably he hasn't. Did I really expect him to? He did say that the Carbon Exchange will be opening for business in about two years time when we can trade them ourselves if we wanted to wait that long. Anyone else heard from him?

Hi Summerfruit, I now its been along time since we have last been in discussion. I have recently been in contact with Andrew Thomas at WC making prommises that never happen. I have now been trying to call him for the last week and getting the girl in admin to call me back. With continually having no reply I made an immediate call to Brookes Associates, and guess what the same girl answered the phone. I have now no doubt that this is all a complete scam. There has been a lot of correspondances from various people and nobody has had a sale. I for one would be very interested in pooloing together and arrange to some how get back a return of the money we have all spent in this scam. I do hope you have had success, if you have'nt or if I can be of any help please do not hesitate to write to me. Meanwhile I will try a find a broker that may be interested.

Hi Plumster, I have bought about 7 lots of shares through Westhorpe Capital over a year and I have now heard they they have actually sold my shares at Cool Pass and Adam steel without my agreement and have the money in their account in Switzerland. The Person I was told to contact was MIKE HARRIS of Avalon Consulting in Switzerland who does not seem to exist. I WOULD ADVISE ANYONE WHO HAS HAD A COLD CALL ABOUT CARBON TRADING SHARES, WHICH IS THE LATEST COMMODITY, DO NOT BUY THEM. TELL THEM THAT YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE UP TO AND THEY WILL BE CAUGHT. I am hoping that the courts will be able to put the main MONEY LAUNDERER in jail and then go after the BOILER ROOM OPERATORS. There are hundreds of these cells springing up everywhere. There is no way of us contacting them if they disappear from the scene.

Hi rob mayou, I have a lot of shares in carbon trace solutions bought as recently as June 2011 through Westhorpe Capital. I would pool with you to sell our shares through a legitimate broker. I don't know how to do it. I have the SHARES CERTIFICATES which was posted from Poland. I am now also going to let the bank to whom I had the money transferred know about this so that they can be aware.

Hi firefly, How did they manage to sell your shares without an agreement with you, all certificates are in your name? And who told you to contact a Mike Harris of Avalon.

Hi firefly I would be very interested in pooling shares from carbon trace solutions with you (and interested others if we can confirm its possible) . Like you I am not sure yet how to go about it but will make it my business to do some resarch. I'm sure there'll be some legit trader/adviser prepared to do this even if we dont recover all our costs. Something's better than nothing !! I also have some credits from CoolPass in the US that I would like to sell. My purchase with CTS credits was made to a Bank in Liechstenstein. The CoolPass purchase was made to a US Bank in New York. Let me know how you get on talking with the Bank. Will keep posting any results with everyone. Saddler

Please note. The FSA. have exposed "Brooke Associates" as boiler-room scammers. Avoid Andrew Thomas ! Think about it, whoever we think we have invested with,we have all suffered a body blow' (good cop bad cop) in rides the good cop "Andrew Thomas" to solve our problems, aslong as you give him more money and surrender our existing investments,Result goodbye to our money, thats what is called "the Sting" A few Questions we should ask ourselves, How did get hold of our telephone no,s. How did the scammers finance the rent for thier offices in Hongkong? How did they Finance thier lifestyle?Not with our money I hpoe. Recent Abberley investors mention namesI have not heard of, I think they made up names on a daily basis.if you think we conversed with an E.mail address which could have been received anywhere in the world. I still think whichever company we all invested in they were all in it together.(Andrew Thomas) Next step,stay focused on Coolpass, and take note of Summerfruit. Welcome fellow Abberley investors,We must be the tip of the iceberg,hope more will find this website. Best wishes Tugboat

Hi All, Just read all the posts after getting concerned over the "investment" i made with Westhorpe Capital. Like many of us, the investement was in Carbon Credits, held on the CPI register. I have checked the register and my certificate number appears there, not to say it is legitmiate though!! I did ring the Carbon exchange or coolpass (can't remember which one as it was some months ago), and spoke to a very helpful person, who advised me there was no secondary market at that stage for carbon Credits!! I also had the same issues with the e-mail addresses as undeliverable!! However, a couple of weeks ago "Adam" called me, who is about the 3rd person to call, after many calls from Peter Gray "Head of the corporate division" who wanted me to increase my portfolio as i would then be managed by his division which would lead to quicker sales!! Right as if!! Anyway i chose not to invest any more but kept them interested with some money i may want to invest!! (not that i was ever going to). Once again, the same as everyone else, the sale was going to happen in June and i would see 20-30% profit.. Then the sale had to be put back and the latest news of 3 weeks ago from Adam, is it will be December, think he meant this year! I also believe this is a BIG scam, which i have fallen for. Think the advice from Mark earlier in the post is right. I think i know how they got hold of my number, it was an advert in a very well known internet e-news, best if i don't actually state the name. However, it was advertising penny shares, which i thought, to be honest, would be a bit of fun, trying my skills on the market, so i clicked the advert and registered. I didn't hear anything about penny shares, just a call regarding the Carbon credits. Good idea to pool the credits and i'm happy to put my few in, anything back is better than nothing. Regards

I too have bought credits from Coolpass and Carbon Trace solutions, advised by Abberley Capital. First with James Madison and then dealing with Andrew Thomas for the past 4 months. I can't work it all out. I think Coolpass are OK, but Carbon Trace, I've written those off, I found a credit on their website that they were selling for 13 euros that I had found in London a month earlier for £4, so they're selling at a highly inflated price. Although the phone lines are dodgy, Andrew Thomas, or his assistant (Paul) have always responded very quickly to email, even after I'd made it clear I wasn't going to buy any more credits 4 months ago. Thinking about it, I must have spent hours on the phone with them over the summer, I've confronted Andrew about boiler rooms, scams, being in Spain, how inflated Carbon Trace Solutions credits are, that I feel ripped off by them, all of course denied, or backed up.There is something in the conversations with him that make me think it's 99% a scam not 100%!! He sounded genuinely hurt (or he's a brilliant actor) when I had a real go at him about Carbon Trace solutions, with their 'swimming gala' certificate, and that he had given me rubbish advice to buy those credits. The date for the supposed exit has passed, now they are talking about December, but there's not going to a christmas present at the end of this! I think the key as previously mentioned is Coolpass, maybe there is something there. I'm in to pool any credits Regards

Hi Guys Anyone has any luck selling these credits so far?????

Hi I'm in exactly the same situation as all of you, has anyone actually contacted callpass to find out what there quotas are for reselling or if its even viable to do so now? I assume we were all buying these VERs in anticipation of the 'cap in trade' bill. It may only be possible to liquidate when the market conditions are right. Ali

Hi everyone, it has been very interesting to read your stories. I would like to buy some carbon credits from a UK-based carbon company but have read some bad press regarding scams etc. I would ideally like the carbon credits I buy to benefit the rainforests in developing countries. Can anyone recommend any good, reputable, trustworthy companies? Any companies I should avoid at all costs? Cheers, James

Not to worry anyone further but i have looked on the Chinese equivelant of the FSA and there is a warning regarding Westhorpe Capital. They are showing as not registered and also the office address of 60 Wyndham ... In fact is nothing to do with them and they do not reside there.

I have two investments in VERs through Brookes and Associates but, I THINK, the investments are okay, as they have been registered on the carbon trading exchanges. I had a very helpful conversation with Ron Vita of Coolpass. Tel. 001 631 284 9407. He explained that, at present the USA has only a secondary market and carbon offsets are not traded. But, California already has a cap and trade system for carbon offsets and so do other western states, forming part of the Western Carbon Initiative (www.pointcarbon.com). Also look at Coolpass newsletters (http://www.coolpass.com/c/news/News.html) Where the western states lead, the rest of the USA will follow, and the investment should be viewed as a long-term investment, to be held for about 18 months from now. The Coolpass certificate is registered on the American Carbon Registry (the leader) and also the CPI Registry (Cool Pass Electronic Registry), so it’s all above board. However, the holding on the Markit Registry is of more concern as Drew Fleeter, the head of the carbon section, says that holders of VERs do not have an account with Markit, so they cannot discuss any holdings. But they can discuss holdings with parties that hold accounts on the registry and have agreed to Markit’s Terms and Conditions, eg L2i Solutions Financières. The contact there is Mélina Valero, email mvalero@solutionsl2i.com Tel. 001 450.923.9381

Hi everyone, Sorry I've been quiet for so long but I have been researching into who would be able to sell our VERs. I have tried Coolpass for a list of their brokers but they go through a administration company' who cannot disclose any details of brokers!! However, Ron Vita from Coolpass states that he can help in the transfer when we pool together and find a buyer. L2I (Melina Valero) has given a name and number of Avalon Consulting who could help- Mark Harris based in London - 07964205418. I have tried the number but can't get hold of him. L2I can't disclose any brokers either. I have been trying Markit for a few months now and they stringed me along saying that they are setting up a brokerage house that can buy our VERs but that hasn't happened. Green Choice Standard still haven't come back to me yet in spite of many calls and emails. I have been in contact with some companies based in UK but they have gone cold as I stated that I wanted to SELL, not buy. I am still trying but haven't been sucessful- yet. Can everyone who stated that they wished to pool together and anyone wishing to discuss Westhorpe Capital further please visit anti-wc.activeboard.com. you will have to open an account and due to security reasons and unpreying eyes you will have to be approved to view and to post anything. You will be sent an email so follow the steps to open your account. Please, Please Please DO NOT post anything personal and how much you've invested on this site. please go to the anti-wc.activeboard.com and state in detail how many tonnes of carbon credits you have bought, which type e.g methane, water, which company bought from e.g Coolpass, and the project details eg which country. This is so I can go back to the brokerage houses have a more of a co-ordinated approach to selling the VERs. thanks summerfruit

Hi Summerfruit, Can you be sure Coolpass are legit, I do believe that our certificates are worthless. I have been doing some investigations and found out today that Collpass are under investigation with the FSA.

Hi Plumbster, where did you get the info from?

The company is New Frontier Advisory and are based in London. You can contact a Gareth Jones on 020 3440 5400.

Hi summerfruit I have tried the web site anti-wc.activeboard.com but cannot find it to log on can you confirm site again regards fireflyx5


would the anti-wc site welcome someone whose dealt with abberley capital solely - same credits though! I don't think we'll see any return, regrettably, the prices I've paid are hugely inflated. I've been advised to transfer the coolpass credits to another registry, one I hold other credits with, as there appears to be something dodgy with their registry, in that it's not actually their's as they claim.

I think I need a welcome to the club. Can't log on to the anti-wc site, doesn't seem to exist. Have tons of carbon with Cool Pass, and am really worried.

hi everyone. sorry about difficulty in logging onto the anti-wc site but its our first time in doing this so please be patient. We have to check every request for membership in order to keep prying eyes from monitoring whats going on. thanks

Please keep us posted about the site, I would like to tell my story, complete with names and tonnage purhased. Thanks

Does anyone have any idea what the purchase of Cool Pass by A1 Technology means to us? Still can't locate the anti-WC site, any help? Thanks

hi, try this: http://anti-wc.activeboard.com/

Back to Cool Pass, if they are not legit, they are very good. I received a courtesey call fro a Ron Zita telling me that my cert will be in the post in the next 7 to 10 days, any problems just phone or e-mail him. He says they are an ACR verified company, and when asked about when the market may open, he still says 18 to 24 months. All very convincing. I also asked about A1 Technology, he says ownership transfered last April, same company just a new boss.

Thanks Summerfruit, the link works fine, I will divulge my id and details of rip-off in a private setting

Ref.Coolpass. From my search, Coolpass was taking over by A1 Technology group inc.on Sept.2009. The C.E.O. is named as Jeffry Chaskin who instigated the employment of hundreds of salesmen in Asia and Europe. Email address http:ww.a1 technologygroup..com Read for yourselves.......Google Coolpass, A1 Technologygroup inc. You will also see posts from other worried investors. :Bloomsberg financial: could be another route to check out Coolpass. Regards.

I don't know what to think, Cool Pass pnone # is in Riverhead Rhode Island, and their bank is in Williamsville NY, near Buffalo NY approx 600 km away as the crow flies. The web is OK but......... Has anyone else been ripped off by Opel Capital Management or First Asset Management, that would be Nazca Mining or Circle Oil?

Thanks for all the info regarding Coolpass. I've been in conversations with them over the past week. Firstly about why such dubious outfits are pushing their credits, they claim that they have no communication with Abberley Capital or Westhorpe Capital, that they use an administrative company to deal with all transactions - do I believe them, I don't know, something just doesn't add up. I'm now asking for the credits to be transferred to a different registry, they didn't like this, saying that they weren't sure it was possible. I'm seeking advise as to whether it is possible, Regards

Hi Summerfruit I have set up my account with active board and have tried to access the forume but am told that no one has posted anything as yet is this correct. The home page tells me that i do not have permission to view content. Please post me a reply on active board or hear Regards

hi i purchased several carbon credits through a company named the alternative investment group i now know was based in hong kong. i have this year been asked by the police to provide evidence of my investments funded from my own bank tto banks in canada and america. i believe it to be a money laundering scam. however, i this week received two letters from a business in canada saying that my v e rs had been transfered to avalon consulting ( mark harris). i have several certificates in my posession and do not know how to proceed to sell them could you please shed any light on the matter with regards

Hi Summerfruit It has taken me a while to sort out how to use the Anti WC forum. I have left some details there for you. PJH

I've tried to join the anti-wc site but for some days now it says that my application is still pending, should I retry?? best Nikousku

Ref.Coolpass. I have just checked out the American Carbon Registry,they appear to be a a respected and big player in the Carbon industry in the USA.and Coolpass inc.are on their members list,giving us all a thread of hope.Check it out for yourselves.Google American Carbon Registry------Lots of information. Tugboat.

Hi rob amyou Was told the exact same thing as you and bought up. However, did not purchase from Andrew Thomas as i said i wanted to receive return on other investments first. Dealt with Peter Gray, Jame Bell (sounded really professional south african accent), Charles Banks who was moved and then finally Andrew Thomas. The banks were in Poland and Liechenstein. Have not heard from Andrew Thomas since nor do i expect to. Great promises of quick sales with at least 30% returns promised since June. Nothing has happened since. Told Andrew Thomas i wanted to sell in June told me had to wait for a better exit strategy. Peter Gray emphasised he made no money unless he returned large profit as only paid by commission. Also sold the nonsense about how i would need to be recommended by them to open an off-shore account because if you look at the off-shore banks account in Liechenstein homepage this is common knowledge. Have reached two conclusions. Certificates are worth less than valued at or may be very difficult to sell. Like you i would be grateful to get original investment back. As for a profit on investment forget it. Will not give up though and intend to follow this till i at least get back some of my investment back. Sunseeker

No contact from/with WC. I asked independent adviser from USA who explained that the investment is not wrong and it will be worth but have to wait at least 12 months and most likely 2-3 years for resonable return. The promise for "quick turnover" was wrong and was used to make clients attracted to invest more. As far as I can see WC is active in recruiting new clients but not dealing with the existing ones at present. There is a hope that we need to be patient. Although, I would also like to get out of this as soon as poosible as well.

I will throw an honest opinion into the ring, and i don't expect it to be of any comfort to any of you that have purchased VER's. VER's have never been and never will be an investment vehicle. They have to be retired within a year of purchase, on a public registry, to qualify as offsetts. I'm afraid ladies and gents that there are millions of VER's being manufactured every year world-wide and generally speaking the values of each one are pennies rather than pounds. It sounds to me like you have all significantly overpaid for pieces of paper (certificates) that do prove the VER's to be credible, but I'm afraid the end-user, the companies that will maybe purchase them as part of an offset inclusive carbon management strategy, are highly unlikely to purchase them from you. For a start they are now dated, if not out of date, and too expensive. It seems probable that you won't be able to retire them either on behalf of a potential buyer. I am sorry that this isn't what you want to hear, but it's the truth. I am happy to answer any questions you may have but cant retail your VER's for you, sorry :(

I've too purchase 4 sets of carbon credits VER's - i should have listened to my gut from the start as i thought this was too good to be true - i think carbonoffsetter is right,there worth pennies not pounds.... i'm in afghanistan at moment and Andrew Thomas even wished me well before i went just after i bought another 200 credits from Coolpass..How fake is he.... its a shame, but lesson learnt i suppose. if anyone has any ideas or contacts about trying to retrieve at least our money back i would be happy to recieve them..

Hi simonmac26, I am in a similar position trying to find ways to at least retrieve my money. Pooling together may be an option but if carbonoffsetter is right we would need a damn lot of carbon credits. Probably a bad question but has anybody on this forum sold their carbon credits or perhaps can offer me ideas.

Hey summerfruit Tried starting an account at that site-it asks for your website and URL -what if I don't have one. Tried starting an account without filling that bit in and got nothing. Any suggestions?

Dear all, I came accross this website. I thought is beeter to share it with you. What do you think? I am at a loss. Whom to beleave? http://boiler-rooms.org/?p=3076

Also Westhorpe Capital is listed as : Unauthorised overseas firms on the FSA website: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/Doing/Regulated/Law/Alerts/overseas.shtml What is to be done now?

I had the unfortunate mishap of being hired by a carbon credit brokerage firm. I asked too many questions and I was thankfully sacked before investing anyone into them. I could not get any answers as to how the indivuduals would resell their credits, and very hostile and dismissive answers when I pressed for an answer. Be ware. They are not for individual investors unless you are global warming consicous and want to offset your own footprint. buy and retire the credits. They are for companies to offset their emissions either for sustainabily- CSR reasons or to partially fulfill some mandatory compliance by the government whilst they undergo energy efficiency. Yes you can buy them but I have not heard from any individual investors who have sold them. Like you, why would a company buy already issued or traded credits when they can also buy them wholesale like yourselves, or for probably far cheaper. From first hand and personal investigation I have noted the following Brokers often don't use real names This is a pyramid scheme often involving the recruitment agencies for carbon brokers. They fire opening brokers who open deals before they have to pay commission to them on their sales. That is why there is such a turn around on brokers. The top 2 or 3 will close the deals and reap all the comission. Top sellers quickly set up a new brokerages and start trading so it is constantly evolving. They last only about 12-18 months before they spin off to another name They buy company names that were registered years ago to say they were 'in business for many years.' Often the company trading name will be different from the registered name. The place of business is at a different location from the registered company name in short term rental premisis of usually one month contracts. FSA UK can't do much about it if they are not dealing with collective investment schemes. They only regulate CIS's. That is why companies use 3rd party fsa nominees. Will tell you your account is held by FSA nominees. Yes all fine, but still can't resell them, and no protection to you by the 3rd party nominee holder as they didn't sell it to you. Company directors resign and reappoint new one's regularly so as to avoid liabilty. This is part of the pyramid scheme. It will then pass on to the next and next. Sorry for the informaiton set out here. It may be possible to pool the investment and sell to a broker who is willing to pass it on, but this is unlikely since already a huge commission will have been place on your credits and they would have to forgo making such a high commission to resell yours again when they can sell newly listed one's for less. And in order to do that I suspect you will need to find a company that is regulated who can deal with collective investments (CIS) to make the pool in the first place. But most carbon brokers are not doing CIS and therefore avoid the need to be registered by the financial authorities.