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20 September 2010

32 year old - looking at the future

I have been reviewing my financial situation and would like any helpful advice if possible. I am 32, still living at home paying rent to my parents each month. I am earning £29.5k per annum and have had a company pension plan since 2001. I currently have £31k in the policy at the moment. The company contributes to the pension:- I pay £54.33 and the company payss £67.91 a month. If I keep doing this till I retire how much would I have? Should I put more money in? I have a ISA which has £2k. I would like to buy a flat/house with my girlfriend, she has £3k savings and agreed to save hard so we can move out. She is a primary school teacher and has just started. I live in London and the property prices are so far out of reach at moment. Any advice what I should do with my pension, savings, investments for the future would be great. Thank you, halpino

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