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11 February 2010

My girlfriend and I have split up and we have a mortgage together. She wants me to buy her out as she is moving abroad...

I'd rather not involve solicitors if possible. What's the fairest / best way to work this out? I put down the deposit on the flat (ca. £20k, 5%), and we have since paid equal amounts into the mortage (initially half interest, half repayment, latterly repayment). We bought in 2007 with a small deposit so expect there to be very little (if any) equity in the property. We have also furnished the flat more or less 50:50. Her initial request was that I pay her back the mortgage payments she has paid over the last 3 years but obviously this isn't quite fair... Only trouble is this is v sudden and she is leaving in 2 weeks!! First thing is to get a valuation I guess, but any thoughts appreciated.

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