The cars most likely to be vandalised or stolen

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BMWs, Smart cars, Maseratis and Bentleys are top targets for crime, whether it's vandalism or theft.

Thieves and vandals are more likely to target BMWs, Smart cars, Maseratis and Bentleys, according to new research from Admiral.

The car insurance firm looked at over 700,000 claims to determine the makes of cars that are most commonly stolen, vandalised and broken into.

BMWs were the most likely to be stolen according to Admiral’s claims data. As a make that generally retains value it’s not surprising that it might be attractive to thieves looking to sell it on.  

Tiny Smart cars were more likely to be broken into and items stolen from inside, while prestige Maseratis were often subjected to acts of vandalism.

But Bentleys seem to attract the most trouble overall and pose a risk across the board, coming second on all three counts.

Top five car targets

Here are the top five car targets in each category.


Most likely to be stolen

Most likely to have something stolen from them

Most likely to be vandalised











Land Rover



Land Rover







Car envy

The ultra-flash Maserati was the car most likely to be vandalised according to Admiral’s data and other prestige makes like Porsche and Ferrari made the top five.

Managing director at Admiral, Sue Longthorn, thinks this particular act of crime is down to car envy.

"When specifically looking at the vandalism list, all the makes in the top five are expensive prestige vehicles, so the acts of vandalism could be down to envy against those cars and owners."

Acts of vandalism can include keying, wing mirrors being broken off, tyre slashing and jumping on the roof or bonnet of the vehicle.

Models targeted

However, when considering specific models this theory doesn't stick.

The Kia Soul is the model most likely to be vandalised, which is surprising as you wouldn’t expect this modest compact car to attract the attention of jealous vandals.

But even when looking at specific models the BMW is still the most likely to be stolen with the X6 4x4 being a popular target. 

Elsewhere the retro Nissan Fiagro is the most likely to have something stolen from it. According to Longthorn this could be down to the lack of modern security features. The car doesn’t come fitted with alarms or immobilisers and it also has frameless windows.

Have you found certain cars are more likely to attract vandalism or theft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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