Home insurance terms and conditions

Customer responsibilities

When applying for home insurance, it is extremely important that the details you provide us with are correct and that you stick to the truth throughout. By supplying incorrect information you could make your insurance cover invalid.

The lovemoney.com home insurance engine form will look slightly different to a user who has not registered with us before, and one who has and is logged in. For those of you who have previously registered with lovemoney.com we will pre-populate some question fields. If pre-populated information is incorrect, you must use our offered facilities to update.

Once you have completed all form questions, we will take you to your results. Prior to clicking out to an insurance provider, please take time to make sure you have read the information on the comparison table. You can obtain extended product information by clicking ‘Details’ on our table next to ‘Buy now’. Our details section includes policy information and payment breakdown.

Data protection and use of your information

Once you have completed your quotation and arrived at the results table, you might receive a telephone call from one of the top two insurance companies listed in the results table. This call is purely to make sure you understand and/or are happy with your quotation received. There is no obligation to purchase there and then.

We need to collect a lot of information in order to provide you with a home insurance comparison table. This is because our panel needs to know the finer details of your property and occupants in order to offer insurance. Once you reach your search result, in order to help you stay organized, we will email you a record of your search results and the provider you clicked on (if applicable).

Some insurers will carry out checks with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies in order to provide you with a quote. The insurers do not make these checks purely because you are using our service, and may make them if you request a quote via any other source. A record of the enquiry may be viewed by other companies if you apply for their services. These enquiries may include electoral roll and credit information, but will not affect your credit standing.
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Disclaimer and liability

We are proud to offer a 'what you see is what you get service' – the price quoted will be accurate at time of issue. Prices do change, but your quote will be valid for 30 days (from time of producing result table).

Each provider has different criteria as to what insurance they can offer to different enquiries. Therefore, as much as we’d want to, we may not always be able to provide you with results from each panel member.

We are not a broker

Our home insurance engine works as a starting ground to finding your home insurance quote. Based on the information you have provided us in form, we will retrieve a set of quotes that apply to you (your information will determine search result). However, you would not buy the home insurance from us; you would buy it from one of the home insurance providers presented in your results table. In order to get the policy seen on our home insurance result table, you must either apply online or over the phone (each provider offers different methods of application).

Our assumptions

We assume the following;

  • That you do not let your house to others.
  • That you are not a child minder.
  • That you are not using your property for business (this does not include working from home if you normally work in an office.)

Please also see our site wide terms and conditions.